Yoon Tae-young’s ‘Call’, Hwang In-soo OK? “If the fans want it,” the president is ‘positive’

Road FC President Chung Moon-hong (49) talked about the possibility of a confrontation between Hwang In-soo and Yoon Tae-young. Yoon Tae-young is ‘calling’ Hwang In-soo, but Chairman Chung declared that the match could be concluded if the fans wanted it.

On the 3rd, Chairman Jung Moon-hong opened his mouth about the confrontation between Hwang In-soo and Yoon Tae-young and the tournament starting in June through his personal YouTube channel Gao Hyung Life. 

I mentioned the tournament first. Chairman Chung Moon-hong recently went on a business trip to Japan for the -63kg and -70kg tournaments. He was for scouting Japanese players. Chairman Chung said, “From June 24th, the global tournament was held, and he went to scout Japanese players for -63kg and -70kg. He didn’t dig all of them on this trip. There were one or two players who stood out. I guess I’ll have to keep going. He is even thinking about going to Russia,” he said.

He also talked about the possibility of a rematch between Hwang In-soo and Myung-hyeon. Hwang In-soo laughed at a kickboxing match with Myung Hyun-man last month. However, after the match, the bandage was embroiled in controversy. Hwang In-soo is in a position that the second match is possible. Chairman Jeong Moon-hong said, “If you want to fight each other, of course you can arrange a match. But both players have to respond.”  안전놀이터

A confrontation with Yoon Tae-young is only possible if both sides want a match. Yoon Tae-young, who is running for 5 consecutive victories in Road FC, put Lee Young-chul to sleep with a high kick in December of last year and demanded, “Please hold a title match with Hwang In-su, who is playing.” He is constantly shouting out Hwang In-soo. However, Hwang In-soo wants a confrontation with Kim Dong-hyun. 

President Jung Moon-hong said, “Yoon Tae-young can call Hwang In-soo. I think the match between the two players can happen if the fans continue to want it.” Many fans are looking forward to the confrontation between Yoon Tae-young and Hwang In-soo. Hwang In-soo’s will is an important situation.

Chairman Jeong Moon-hong said, “(Yoon Tae-young) is about to challenge Park Si-won, who was a team member of Hwang In-soo, in the lightweight tournament. If the situation is right, he thinks he will be able to challenge Hwang In-soo’s first defense while participating in the tournament.” 

Meanwhile, Road FC will hold the opening ceremony of the global tournament in Wonju on June 24th. The schedule related to the event will be announced at a later date.

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