World Cup, like back then… Should the handball team show a ‘jump’ against Portugal?

The men’s national team, which is trying to win the World Handball Championship for the first time in 12 years, meets strong Portugal. The national handball team goes into the game with an unbreakable heart, just as the Korean soccer team defeated Portugal in the last World Cup.

On the 13th (Korean time), the national team warmed up at the Kristianstad Arena in Kristianstad, Sweden, to prepare for the second round of the group stage. The national team will play the second Group D match against Portugal at 2:00 am on the 14th. Considering that the last opponent the national team will meet is Iceland, the champion, this is virtually the last chance to win.

In terms of objective strength, Portugal is ahead. Odd Portal, a betting company, looked at the results of 15 overseas betting sites, and the dividends were 1.08 and 10.87 for Portugal and the national team, respectively. In other words, if the national team wins, the odds are small enough to take 10.87 times the bet. In addition, as Portugal lost 26-30 to Iceland in the first game of the group stage, they must win against our national team unconditionally.온라인바카라

Portugal is a strong team, but there is no law saying that the national team should not win. The handball team is sweating and preparing for the match, just as the Korean national soccer team defeated Portugal at the Qatar World Cup and created the ‘Miracle of Al Rayyan’.

The national team that advanced to the round of 16 in the last World Cup and the current handball national team are in a similar situation. It is the same in that we met strong Portugal in a state where it was unclear how to advance to the finals. It is also similar to the fact that the coach who led the national team is from Portugal. At that time, the soccer team was led by former coach Paulo Bento, and the current handball team is led by coach Hollando Freitas (58). Also, it is no different that the soccer team and the handball team are trying to advance to the final round for the first time in 12 years, and that they wear red uniforms side by side in the match against Portugal.

Despite the shock of defeat in the first game, the team is warming up with bright expressions and preparing for the match against Portugal. The national team’s task is to reduce mistakes. In the last game against Hungary, the national team made 19 mistakes and gave up the right to attack. Hungary, who easily took the right to attack with the national team turnover, scored 12 of them. 

“I prepared for the match with the mindset that I can win,” said coach Freytas.

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