Women’s Handball Samcheok City Hall, 2 consecutive years integrated championship… MVP Minseo Kim

Women’s Handball Samcheok City Hall achieved a unified championship.

Samcheok City Hall defeated the Busan Facilities Corporation 30-25 (13-14 17-11) in the second round of the 2022-2023 SK Handball Korea League Women’s Championship held at SK Handball Stadium in Olympic Park, Seoul on the 7th. Recorded two consecutive victories in the best-of-three series and won the championship.

1st place in the regular league this season (34 points, 16 wins, 2 draws, 3 losses) and went directly to the championship game. The counterattack of the Busan Facilities Corporation, which came up through the semi-playoffs and playoffs, was formidable. In the first half of the second game, it was rather pushed back. Samcheok City Hall seized the victory thanks to Kim Min-seo, Kim On-ah, and Kim Bo-eun’s goals and goalkeeper Park Sae-young’s save in the second half.

Since the launch of the SK Handball Korea League in 2011, he has won the championship every season. The first place in the regular league was in 2012, and the first championship in the championship was achieved in 2013. It took time to win the unification. I enjoyed it for the first time last season. This year, they bore even sweeter fruits by winning the combined championship for the second consecutive year.안전놀이터

Rookie centerback Kim Min-seo won the championship MVP. He scored the most goals in the team with 16 goals in two matches for the championship. In particular, he took the lead in winning the championship by scoring 11 goals alone in the second game. He also received the rookie award. It dominated 27 out of 28 votes from reporters (30%), competition officials (40%), and team coaches (30%).

Samcheok City Hall has produced numerous individual award winners, including Kim Min-seo. First, director Lee Gye-chung won the Guidance Award. Onah Kim received the assist award for being the 1st in assists (114) in the league. Three people were also named in the best 7. Kim Bo-eun was selected as the pivot with 13 out of 28 votes, Kim On-ah with 13 votes as a leftback, and Jeon Ji-yeon with 11 votes for the right wing.

The regular league MVP is Gwangju Metropolitan City Corporation Kang Kyung-min. The scoring award (195 points) and the best 7 center back (22 votes out of 28 votes) were also awarded. The Goalkeeper Award was awarded to Gwangju City Corporation Park Jo-eun. His ERA was 41.5%. He was also selected as the best 7 goalkeeper (20 votes). The best 7 rightback went to SK Sugar Gliders Yoo So-jeong (27 votes), and the left wing was Seoul City Hall Yoon Ye-jin (16 votes). The Popularity Award went to Kwon Na from SK Sugar Gliders. As a result of the fan vote conducted on the website, 3041 votes were obtained.

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