Women’s golf big 3 era, their absolute weapon

Lydia Ko (New Zealand), Nellie Corda (USA), and Jin-Young Koh are competing for the top spot in women’s golf. Scotty Scheffler (USA), John Rahm (Spain) and Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland) are competing for the men’s golf throne.

In the women’s golf rankings announced on the 14th (Korean time), Ko Jin-young kept the third place with 7.23 points. Jinyoung Ko, who held the world No. 1 for nine months last year, struggled with her chronic wrist injury and her ranking declined, and on November 29 last year, she fell to No. 5.

However, Jinyoung Ko won the HSBC Women’s World Championship on the US Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) Tour held in Singapore on the 7th and succeeded in raising her ranking to third in three months.

Lydia Ko (8.44 points) was still in first place. Lydia Ko climbed to the top of the rankings at the end of November last year and has maintained the highest position for 16 consecutive weeks. Second place is Nellie Corda (7.93 points).

However, the difference in points between 1st and 3rd in the world rankings is not so great that the order can change at any time. The difference in ranking points between Ko Jin-young and No. 1 Lydia Ko is 1.21 points, and the difference between Koda and Koda is 0.7 points.

The reason why these three people can fight for the world’s No. 1 spot is because each of them has a certain ‘absolute weapon’. The absolute weapon of Ko Jin-young, who is aiming to recapture world No. 1 by winning the HSBC Women’s World Championship, is an iron. Ko Jin-young, who is at the peak in terms of momentum by tying for 6th place and winning the championship in the two competitions he participated in this season, is overcoming difficulties with the ‘awl iron’ as evidenced by the green hit rate (86.1%). Koda’s green accuracy rate was 27th (74.5%), and Lydia Ko was 45th (70.8%), far behind Jinyoung Ko.

Lydia Ko, who won 19 victories on the LPGA Tour, is going through ups and downs with a tie for 6th and 31st in the two tournaments held this year. The driver’s average driving distance is 252.4 yards (41st), and the fairway landing rate is 65.18% (68th). The exquisite putting with an average of only 1.68 (fourth place) is Lydia Ko’s absolute weapon. Coda is in 8th place and Ko Jin-young is in 28th place. 안전놀이터

Koda’s long hitting ability is the best. Koda, who ranked in the top 5 in all three competitions she participated in this year, showed off her ability to chase to the end by playing with Ko Jin-young in the 3rd and 4th rounds of the HSBC Women’s World Championship. Koda, who is ranked 8th in driver average distance with 268.17 yards, is ranked 1st for most birdies (57) and 1st for most eagles (3) based on his long hits. Lydia Ko ranked 41st (252.44 yards) and Ko Jin-young ranked 48th (249.75 yards), showing a big gap with Koda in terms of his long-running ability.

The battle for first place in the ‘Big 3’ will move to the US mainland from the 23rd and become even hotter. Golf fans are focusing their attention on the shot competition between the golf empresses, which will be played not only for personal glory but also for the honor of the nation.

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