‘Women’s baseball ace’ Kim Ra-kyung signs a management contract with Brion Company

‘Women’s baseball ace’ Kim Ra-gyeong (24) signed a management contract with sports business group Brion Company.

Kim Ra-kyung, who is currently studying at the Department of Physical Education at Seoul National University’s College of Education, joined the Asahi Trust, an unemployed Japanese women’s baseball team last year, but due to an unexpected injury, she returned to Korea. She subsequently underwent Tommy John surgery and she is currently in rehab스포츠토토 .

Ra-Kyung Kim, who plans to focus on baseball and studies with this management contract with Brion Company, said, “I wanted to challenge various things through the systematic management of a professional company. She also decided that Brion Company, which has been outstanding in various fields other than baseball, was the right person as a partner with whom she could think together for the continued development of women’s baseball,” she said.

Kim Ra-kyung wore the Taegeuk mark in women’s baseball as a middle school student in 2015, and she played an active part in the 2016 WBSC Women’s Baseball World Cup. In 2019, she garnered attention for her quality start against the United States at the LG Bae International Women’s Baseball Tournament.

Park Hee-jin, head of the Brion Company baseball agent team, said, “Kim Ra-kyung is a player who combines her talent and character, and I think she is a symbol of women’s baseball. Currently, she is taking a break, but she plans to establish a bridgehead to advance to Japan again within two to three years,” she said.

Meanwhile, Brion Company manages various athletes such as shooting Jin Jong-oh, short track speed skating Kwak Yoon-ki, fencing Kim Jung-hwan and Koo Bon-gil, Oh Sang-wook, golfer Moon Do-yeop, figure skater Da-bin Choi, and baseball Hanyu-seom and Choi Ji-hoon.

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