Who will stop Shin Jin-seo?

When the 2022 GS Caltex Cup finals were over, Shin Jin-seo raised five fingers. Announced victory for 5 consecutive years. It is the first time in Korea to win five consecutive championships in a competition where the winner starts from the finals in the next competition like the GS Caltex Cup, and there was no Japan or China. This is a rare record even in other sports.

The 28th GS Caltex Main Line has departed. After the round of 24, 8 winners remain. Shin Jin-seo and those who reached the semifinals of the last tournament and the eight high-ranking Koreans wait for the round of 16, which has already been raised. 안전놀이터

Queen Choi Jeong’s path to victory came out. If she gets past the round of 24, she will face South Korean number 5 Dongyun Kang in the round of 16. Next, there is a high probability of bumping into Shin Min-joon, who is in fourth place. Then, Shin Jin-seo has to overcome to get to the fifth round of the finals. This is like winning first place in a world competition.

The finals include Korea’s 1st to 5th places, and the names are the same as the names of the five national team members who won three consecutive championships for Korea at the Nongshim Shin Ramyun Cup. There are also 8th to 10th places. There are three other players in the top 20.

In the opening match of the finals on March 23rd, Shim Jae-ik in 29th place beat Kim Bum-seo in 113rd place. The only teenage player was the first to fall. The next day at 1 p.m., the Go TV match room. Ahn Seong-jun in 9th place and Hong Seong-ji in 16th place sat facing each other while the live camera was running.

He approached the solidified area with black 5 and walked with white 8. First, bet on white 8 and receive it on the date of black 5, but the order is different, but the shape is the same. He entered the ear with a black 9. Avoiding an early fight like <Figure>.

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