‘What’s in your left hand?”… ‘Scoring 42 goals’ EPL bomber, using cell phone while driving → Criticism + fine crisis

‘Monster striker’ Elling Hollan (23, Manchester City) caused controversy by using a cell phone while driving.

British media ‘The Sun’ reported on the 28th (Korean time) that “‘Man City star’ Hollan was caught holding a cell phone while driving.” 

At the same time, ‘The Sun’, which released the photo together, explained, “I am holding a cell phone in my left hand and holding a car steering wheel with my right hand.”

The photo was taken on the 15th after Man City defeated Leipzig 7-0 in the Champions League match. In the match, Hollan scored 5 goals.

According to the media, if you are caught using a mobile phone while driving in the UK, you will have to pay 6 points and 200 pounds (about 310,000 won). 

A fan who heard this news said, “Halan has never done anything wrong since moving to Man City. However, he needs to pay more attention when driving. A stupid mistake.” 

Nothing has been decided yet, but what fans are worried about is that Haalan will be ‘suspended’ in case. 

Britain’s Road Safety Group has condemned Halan. 

A spokesperson for the group criticized Haalan, saying, “It is dangerous to hold a cell phone while driving,” and even added a metaphor, saying, “For him who is good at scoring, this is definitely an own goal.”

The law on cell phone use while driving in the UK was strengthened in March 2022.

At the time, Secretary of Transportation Grant Sharps said, “We will do everything we can to keep our road users safe.” 스포츠토토

Halan’s mistake came despite a law in his ‘native country’ Norway, which forbids drivers from using cell phones while driving.

Haalan, who changed his uniform from Dortmund to Man City in July 2022, signed a five-year contract at the time.

After joining Man City, Hollan has scored 42 goals in 37 appearances in all competitions, showing off his impressive scoring sense.

If you narrow down the scope to the English Premier League (EPL) stage this season, Hollan has appeared in 26 matches and scored 28 goals.

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