“We win when we hit,” Park hails captain’s batting resurgence

We only win when he hits”.

Samsung manager Park Jin-man praised Koo for his game-winning hit against Lotte in Ulsan on June 6.

Koo, who had been in a bit of a slump in his last 10 games, batting just 2-for-40 with two RBIs and three runs scored, hit a double to right-center field with runners on first and third in the seventh inning, trailing 1-2.스포츠토토

He completed the big inning with a push single in the eighth. Samsung avenged the previous day’s loss with a 7-2 victory over Lotte.

“I haven’t been playing well lately and my form hasn’t been great, but it felt good to get a hit after a long time. I remembered the good times I had during the month of (August) and I felt a little bit of a crisis, but I thought it was up to me to minimize the slump, and even if I got an out, I focused on getting the good feeling back, which led to a good result,” Goo said. Koo said.

Manager Park Jin-man said before the game on July 7, “We can only win if Koo Ja-rook hits. Kim Sung-yoon has been doing a good job lately, but we can’t produce runs without him, so we added Kang Min-ho, who had two days off (due to right palm pain), and he did a good job from the second through fourth spots, so we were able to turn it around in the second half.”

Samsung’s starting lineup is center fielder Kim Hyun-jun, right fielder Kim Sung-yoon, designated hitter Koo Ja-uk, catcher Kang Min-ho, left fielder Jose Pirela, first baseman Oh Jae-il, shortstop Lee Jae-hyun, third baseman Kang Kang-ul, and second baseman Kim Ho-jae. “Blue Bloods” ace Won Tae-in will start on the mound.

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