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It was the wall itself. Kim Min-jae (27, Naples) showed off his lean defense and took another step closer to winning the championship.

Napoli won 2-1 against AS Roma in the 20th round of the 2022-2023 Italian professional football Serie A held at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in Naples, Italy on the 30th (hereinafter Korean time).

With this victory, Napoli, who are in first place, recorded 53 points. It widened the distance to 2nd place Inter Milan (40 points) by 13 points, getting closer to the Scudetto (winning badge).

Victor Osimen, the protagonist of the opening goal, and Giovanni Simeone, who scored the winning goal, had a sharp sense of scoring, as well as Kim Min-jae, who showed off solid defense in the last line. Kim Min-jae was shaken for a while at the beginning of the game, but after overcoming the crisis, he showed off the majesty of the ‘wall’.

In particular, he defended Paulo Dybala well, which was highly praised by his nemesis, Jose Mourinho Roma coach. “Napoli are great, but nobody is at Dybala’s level yet,” Mourinho said. However, Kim Min-jae completely erased this Dybala. Blocking the path of the ball to Dybala and blocking Roma’s attacking path. It was a performance that felt like a class.스포츠토토

The record is great too. Kim Min-jae received the highest rating of 7 among the defensive lines from Whoscored.com, a statistics media outlet. He boasted not only the most kicks (9) on the team, but also the second most passes (74) and the highest success rate (93.2%) on the team, and also stood out in attack participation such as build-up. The high concentration to block the opponent’s attack before the end of the game was a bonus.

In response to Kim Min-jae’s performance, local fans shouted, “Kim! Kim!” he exclaimed. The local media ‘Arena Napoli’, who saw this, evaluated, “Kim Min-jae is Maradona’s idol in name and reality.” He also looks to win. According to Opta, a statistics media outlet, Napoli recorded the most points difference (13 points) between 1st and 2nd as of the end of the 20th round. The previous highest difference in points was Inter Milan (11 points) in the 2006-2007 season. That season, Inter Milan rose to the top. If the atmosphere is like now, Napoli is also expected to be the main character of Scutetto.

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