UFC re-challenge Kiwibin suffers shock disqualification with headbutt

UFC returnee Ki-Bin Kim suffers a heartbreaking disqualification.

‘The Danger’ Ki Bin Kim (32-Team Danger) has suffered a second-round disqualification against Bahaterborough Vatterborough (25-China).

The two battled in the lightweight division at the Road to UFC Season 2 event, which took place at the UFC Performance Institute Shanghai, China, on 28 November.스포츠토토

At the start of the fight, Guibin cautiously watched his opponent’s movements. Vaterborgati landed several powerful back hands and showed off his threatening striking.

In the second round, Kisibin used front kicks and leg kicks to stifle his opponent’s advances. Vatterborati attempted to wrestle, but Kisibin reacted well and escaped. Kisibin was in control, but the match was briefly stopped for thumping. There was no intent and the match resumed after a doctor’s check. It took about two minutes.

Kim Ki-bin took down Vaterborgati with a back hand. In the ensuing flurry of punches, Kim Ki-bin punched his opponent four times to the back of the head. The blows to the head counted as a foul. The referee immediately stopped the fight and there was a lengthy discussion. In the end, Kim Ki-bin was disqualified in the second round. It was a disappointing outcome after a promising start.

Meanwhile, in the lightweight bouts on the same day, Sang Wook Kim (29) defeated Kazuma Maruyama (30-Japan), Long Zhu (23-China) defeated Hong Seong Chan (33) and Shin Haraguchi (24-Japan) defeated Windri Patilima (29-Indonesia) to reach the quarter-finals. Ki Bin Kim suffered another elimination in his UFC return.

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