Two years ago, UEFA, this time PL… ‘disciplinary crisis’ Man City prepares for another appeal

The misappropriation of funds from the owner of Manchester City, Sheikh Mansur, which had been suspected from the past, was again on the cutting board.

The Premier League Secretariat released an official statement on the 6th (Korean time) and announced that Manchester City had violated numerous financial rules. 

The Secretariat wrote down the rules Man City violated during each season from the 2009/10 season to the 2017/18 season.

At the same time, he requested the submission of missing data, citing the salary of then manager Roberto Mancini, player salary, sponsorship메이저사이트, UEFA (European Football Federation) financial fair play (FFP), profitability and sustainability, and rules of club partners. 

The British media Times also reported this fact, saying, “Man City has violated more than 100 financial rules in 9 years,” and said, “If confirmed, the possible sanctions are a point reduction or expulsion from the Premier League.” 

“Man City failed to provide accurate financial information to the Secretariat in relation to revenue and operating expenses, and did not properly disclose management remuneration for four years,” the report said.

According to the media, the league’s investigation began in December 2018, when German der Spiegel received and disclosed documents received from ‘Football Leaks’, created by Portuguese computer hacker Hui Pinto. 

In particular, the main content is that Manchester City received more money from the owner of Abu Dhabi and overestimated sponsorship revenue, and through secret contact with the club, Mancini’s salary was doubled. 

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