Tottenham prepares to embrace ‘the second Hoivier’…’Entering competition with Barça’

Tottenham Hotspur are targeting Morocco’s Sofiane Amrabat.

Tottenham’s midfield problems are constantly being pointed out. Since last season, coach Antonio Conte has been sticking to the 3-4-3 formation, emphasizing active mobility, defense and build-up in the midfield, using Pierre Emil Hoivier and Rodrigo Bentancur as the main midfield combination.

However, a variable occurred this season. Rodrigo Bentancur, a key midfielder, was out for the season due to a cruciate ligament injury. For this reason, manager Conte has hired several players as midfield resources to match with Hojbjerg.

For now, Oliver Skip is being used as a partner for Hoivier. Skip, who has risen to the first team stage through Tottenham youth, is growing day by day, and on the 26th (Korean time) he scored the winning goal in the 25th round of the English Premier League (EPL) against Chelsea.

However, Tottenham are not satisfied with just skipping. This is because not only is there still a lack of experience, but physical arrangements are essential because not only the league but also other competitions have to be played. Therefore, Tottenham is trying to recruit midfield resources with a sense of power immediately in the coming summer transfer market.

Sofiang Amrabat was caught on Tottenham’s radar network, which is in desperate need of a midfielder. Amrabat was a key player in Morocco’s semi-finals at the last World Cup in Qatar. Morocco advanced to the round of 16 at the top of the group by drawing 0-0 against Croatia in the first match of the group stage, winning 2-0 against Belgium in the second match, and winning against Canada 2-1 in the third match. It was the first African team to advance to the semifinals.

Among the Moroccan players who reached the semifinals, Amrabat’s performance stood out. Morocco’s midfield was Am Rabat’s ability to maintain his mobility. Am Rabat, who plays for Fiorentina, did not give up the ball easily in midfield due to his natural stamina, mobility and physicality. 안전놀이터

He was linked with several clubs because of his performances during the World Cup. Clubs that were aiming for Amrabat were Liverpool in the transfer market last winter, and Barcelona were also interested in signing Amrabat. However, Amrabat, the core of Fiorentina, was not allowed to transfer by the club. Amrabat, who remained in the team, has played 23 league games so far and is playing a key role. Now, in the next transfer window, Tottenham also plans to participate in the Amrabat scout. Am Rabat, who shows his high amount of activity and contribution to defense, is also evaluated as a lumber to succeed Hoi Bier.

However, along with Tottenham, Barcelona are also trying to get involved in the Amrabat scout. According to Italian media ‘Calcio Mercato’, Tottenham and Barcelona are said to have finished ‘preparing to fight’ for the signing of Amrabat. Barcelona is also aiming for a scout because there is a lack of midfield resources that show a lot of activity defensively, except for Frank Kesier. In the next transfer window, the scouting for Amrabat is expected to be active.

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