“Throw like Chan-kyu Lim” How to become a homegrown ace from a first-round pick? Yeomgalang has a solution.

Will he remain an unfulfilled promise? Or will he become LG’s homegrown ace? “Throw like veteran Im Chan-kyu (31),” Yeom Gal-ang said in a heartfelt advice to the first-round pick, Lee Min-ho (22).

Lee Min-ho, the first LG pick in the 2020 KBO Draft, is winless in four games and has a 3.86 ERA in two starts in his fourth year as a professional. He made his comeback from an elbow injury on March 30 against Jamsil Lotte and has been in the starting rotation ever since.

As you can see from his record, he hasn’t won a game yet. His pitching hasn’t been great either. In 18⅔ innings, he’s struck out six and walked eight, and in his last two games, he’s given up six walks in 10 innings. Even when he wasn’t walking batters, he was often working full counts.

On the 17th, LG manager Yoon Kyung-yeop said, “(Lee) Min-ho only needs to do one thing. He just needs to win the game quickly. He’s not a strikeout pitcher, so if you can get him within four pitches, you have a better chance of throwing a good pitch. You have to attack,” he said. “If you don’t let the hitters hit, you’re only going to increase your pitch count. It makes it harder on the pitcher. There is only one strikeout king. So you have to be aggressive and make the batter hit. If you take advantage of the count, you have a good chance of success.”안전놀이터

LG Lee Min-ho / OSEN DB

He cited Lim Chan-kyu as an example of a pitcher who has turned himself into a homegrown ace with a knack for catching. “It’s all about how many strikes he throws. He has to be able to throw four pitches – fastball, changeup, slurve, and slider – and be quick like (Im) Chan-kyu.” “If you look at Chan-kyu, it’s bad when he throws his curveball so hitters can’t hit it. You should always throw your curveball for strikes, but if you try to induce swings, your pitch count goes up. His curveball is hard to time, so there’s a high chance of a hit. But when he throws it as a ball, he has nothing to throw next. On days like that, I give up a lot of runs and it’s tough.”

In his most recent start, Lee threw five innings of two-run, no-decision ball against Doosan on June 16. After giving up back-to-back singles in the top of the second inning with a 3-0 lead, he was hit by a two-run double by Hong Seong-ho. By the end of the fifth inning, he had thrown 91 pitches and had to hand the mound over to Jung Woo-young to start the sixth.

LG Lee Min-ho / OSEN DB

“The only problem with that game was the two walks, but other than that, it was perfect. “You have to let Min-ho hit,” he said, “because he’s in a favorable 1B-2S count, and he’s throwing for strikes. If he gets lucky and gets a strikeout, that’s good. I always tell Minho to ask Chanyeol a lot. He also advises him to go for the same type of pitches as Chanyeol. They have the same type of pitches,” he said, giving Minho a direction to follow.

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