There must be a reason why it was selected first…’Jung Dae-hyun → Park Jong-hoon’ Is it the submarine genealogy?

 “The position is a pass.”

Can SSG Landers Yoon Tae-hyeon (20) prove his worth? Yoon Tae-hyun, a native of Incheon High School, joined SSG in 2022 with the first nomination. He was a submarine-type pitcher and had a reputation in high school. He conquered his high school stage by throwing a fast ball that reached 145 km in a strong physique with a height of 190 cm and a weight of 88 kg. Yoon Tae-hyeon stepped into the professional career in the evaluation of an immediate sense of power.

But even before his debut, he hit an unexpected reef. Having been diagnosed with COVID-19. Yoon Tae-hyun, who participated in the 2022 Jeju Island 1st Army Spring Camp, caught the eye of coach Kim Won-hyung, and was likely to join the opening entry. However, he suffered from Corona 19 and struggled throughout the season as he struggled to recover.

In this way, Yoon Tae-hyun finished his debut season with an average ERA of 9.00 in 3 games and 2 innings in the first team, and 온라인바카라an average ERA of 9.43 with 1 win, 1 loss and 1 hold in 15 games and 27⅔ innings in the Futures League. It is true that he is somewhat disappointed to see it as the performance of a rookie who was immediately evaluated as having a sense of power.

Yoon Tae-hyun is also working hard on training to break out of the egg. Even from the point of view of the command tower, the tip of the ball is good. At the spring camp, coach Kim praised, “The pitch is a pass. Yoon Tae-hyun also tried to put it in the opening entry after seeing the pitch in Jeju Island last year. However, he contracted Corona 19 and his condition deteriorated. However, looking at his appearance this year, the ball is definitely good.” did not spare

However, over face is prohibited. Because he might get sick of trying to show more. Manager Kim said, “I told the players to practice the things they are confident in. It is good to develop new things, but you have to do what you are good at. The spring camp period is short. If you try to overdo it, you will get injured. That is enough for now.” He left a message of encouragement to the players.

SSG is a club that has produced outstanding submarine pitchers. In the days of the predecessor SK Wyverns, there was Jeong Dae-hyun. He played an active role as a finishing pitcher for the SK Dynasty, and performed exceptionally well in international competitions with the Taegeuk mark. Afterwards, Park Jong-hoon took over the lineage of submarine pitchers, and he is still guarding the mound. Now it’s Yoon Tae-hyun’s turn to take over the baton.

First of all, Yoon Tae-hyun is receiving good reviews in the spring camp. If his momentum continues, he is likely to join the opening roster. Attention is focusing on whether Yoon Tae-hyun, who is in his second season, will be able to prove his worth.

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