“There is no coach.” Go Gun-taek, the first winner, and Young-gun’s growth rate is frightening 

 “I don’t have a coach. I think it’s better to take a lesson once in a while.”

This is an unexpected story I heard from Go Gun-taek (24, Daebo Construction), who reached the top 4 years after his professional debut. Even without a coach, he competed against the top golfers on the tour and rose to the top spot.

Ko Gun-taek scored 7 under par in the 4th round of the 2023 Korea Men’s Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour DB Damage Insurance Promi Open (total prize money of 700 million won) held at the Old Course (par 72, 7178 yards) at the Riebel Country Club in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do on the 16th. With 65 strokes and a final total of 20 under par, 268 strokes, he won the championship by winning Park Sang-hyun (40, Dong-A Pharmaceutical, 18 under par, 270 strokes) by two strokes.

It is an honor to be enjoyed in the 49th competition, 4 years after debuting as a pro in 2020. The best result was 3rd place in the Genesis Championship in 2021, but Goguntaek is growing as a synab. After winning more than 100 million won in prize money for two consecutive years, the trip to the U.S., where he left to train properly in the winter, bore fruit from the opening game.

Go Gun-taek, whom we met after the game, said, “I knew that pros Seo Yo-seop and Park Sang-hyun, who I played with, were very good at it, and they hit well today. I couldn’t let go of my concentration.” It doesn’t feel real to win. It feels good,” he said.

Go Gun-taek, who started in the championship group with 13 under-par until the 3rd round and started in 2nd place, did not lead much in the first half with 3 birdies and a bogey, but Park Sang-hyun (40, Dong-A Pharmaceutical) with a total of 13 wins thanks to calm game management, and Seo Yo-seop (5 wins) 27 DB damage insurance) and proudly wore a green jacket.

Go Gun-taek, who started with a birdie on the 10th hole (par 4) from the beginning of the second half, jumped to the sole lead by catching three consecutive birdies from the 13th hole. In particular, the highlight of the game was the 15th hole (par 5), tied for first place with Park Sang-hyun at 18 under par. Unlike the two who immediately attacked the green with their second shot, Go Gun-taek chose a stable strategy and eventually reduced one stroke with a birdie. On the other hand, Park Sang-hyun and Seo Yo-seop ended up par because their wood shots fell long.

Go Gun-taek, who we met after the game, said, “Wood Street was just left, but (Wood) was a little anxious today. It seems to have been the driving force behind this. I was very nervous, but I kept repeating myself to stay calm.”

Last winter, Jeju Island, the original hometown, or Southeast Asia, which was close by, was set to the United States as a training ground. There was a lot of willpower to fill that gap. Ko Gun-taek said, “I went to the United States because I wanted to hit better than ever this year. The training conditions were good and I was able to train more accurately by practicing on the grass. It wasn’t like that, so I practiced for a long time until the sun rose and set.” 메이저놀이터

I also supplemented the shot and putter that I felt were lacking, but I felt that the mental part also definitely grew through this tournament. Even in a situation of extreme tension, he maintained his composure and obtained the championship trophy by reducing 5 strokes without bogey only in the second half.

Go Gun-taek said, “I didn’t practice to get my mind together, but I brainwashed myself while hitting.” I was going to hit it, but luckily it went in.”

What is even more surprising is that it was achieved without a coach. “Currently, there is no coach. America has followed the academy,” he said, adding that the flying distance has increased by about 5 to 10 meters from last year. It is a style that enjoys realizing and growing on its own. “Until last year, I had a coach, but the pro had a situation and I couldn’t take lessons. Since January of this year, I’ve been alone. Originally, I wasn’t the type to take lessons. It’s still okay,” he said, surprising.

I am determined to continue the upward trend. The place where the Golf Zone Open in Jeju, which will be held from the 19th, is his hometown, Jeju Island. Ko Gun-taek said, “I’m going to have a tournament next week in Jeju Island. It’s a course I’ve played a lot and I think I can play it with confidence.” If possible, I will set my goal to win a major championship.”

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