‘There is no absolute underdog’ Fighting for the middle and lower ranks getting hotter, KBL is currently unpredictable

The 2022-2023 professional basketball, which has entered the third round, is gradually transforming into an unpredictable close match. This is because the teams that were in the bottom ranks right after the season started are slowly rebounding and narrowing the gap with the top teams. The gap between the middle and low-ranking teams is getting closer and closer, forming an interesting game.

In the 3rd round match of the ‘2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball’ held at Wonju Sports Complex on the 13th, the home team Wonju DB, which was tied for last place, defeated Goyang Carrot, who ranked 3rd in the league, 91-82. DB, who suffered consecutive losses to Carrot in the previous rounds 1 and 2, ended its recent three-game losing streak with Doo Kyung-min and Kim Jong-gyu, who were unable to demonstrate their skills due to injuries, showing good performances.

As a result of this game, DB jumped from a tie at the bottom to a tie for 7th place at once. Currently, DB, Jeonju KCC and Seoul Samsung are tied for 7th place with 8 wins and 12 losses. Suwon KT (7 wins and 12 losses) is at the bottom with a 0.5 game difference. However, KT is not in a position to be disappointed. The difference between the three teams tied for 7th place is only half a game. In other words, the four teams are tied by only 0.5 game difference.

If we expand the range of ranking observations, we can observe more interesting patterns. The gap between the 5 teams (Hyundai Mobis, LG, Carrot, SK, and Korea Gas Corporation) from solo 2nd place Ulsan Hyundai Mobis (12 wins and 8 losses) to 6th place Daegu Korea Gas Corporation (9 wins and 10 losses) is only 2.5 games. There is a gap of 1.5 games between 6th and a tie for 7th place.

This means that teams currently in the 6th or lower ranks can aim for a dramatic rebound in the rankings if they win 2-3 games in a winning streak. Korea Gas Corporation is a representative team that showed such a rebound. KOGAS fell to last place once in the middle of the first round, then seemed to pick up the mood for a while, then stayed at the bottom for a considerable period of time from the beginning of the second round. However, as the players’ organizational skills revived and the injured players returned, they climbed steeply. With 4 wins in the last 5 games, he rose to 6th place in an instant. On the 11th, it clearly showed its potential by defeating Anyang KGC, the sole leader in the league, 100-95. KCC also once ranked at the bottom. 안전놀이터

The message that this market conveys is clear. It means that there is no ‘absolute underdog’ in KBL at present. Although the team’s power may be temporarily shaken due to the injury issues of key players, the team that overcomes it can always show the aspect of an underdog that threatens the strong. It is expected that this trend will continue for some time. If the trend of unpredictable ranking competition continues, the interest of the fans is also expected to increase.

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