The second Taegeuk mark of the league’s best first baseman is lost, rather a good thing… The national team’s share of anxiety

 Overall, who is the best first baseman in the league among active players?

Considering both offense and defense, Samsung Lions Oh Jae-il (37) is a strong candidate for the best first baseman. When he puts on a first baseman’s mitt, all infielders throw comfortably. It is because he has the ability to catch everything even if he throws it roughly. With a 1m87, 95kg giant, the target is certain. Compared to the phenomenon where the number of little first basemen increases, it can give infielders comfort when throwing quickly.

The blow is also strong. He is not up to the level of a home run king, but he has one shot and clutch ability that can change the game at once.

When first baseman Choi Ji-man’s joining the WBC team became unclear due to his team’s disapproval, it was only natural that Oh Jae-il’s name was mentioned as a replacement candidate. It was because he was by far the best among the remaining first basemen and also the most similar type of first baseman to Choi Ji-man in the KBO League.

However, the final selection for the national team was outfielder Choi Ji-hoon (SSG Landers), not first baseman.

On the 6th, KBO Technical Committee Chairman Beom-Hyun Cho said, “We also considered Jae-Il Oh and Eun-Sung Chae (Hanwha Eagles), but after discussion, we chose Ji-Hoon Choi. He mentioned the possibility of using Park Byeong-ho as the starting first baseman.

During the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, Oh Jae-il wore the Taegeuk mark for the first time in 16 years after joining the professional team and played an active role as the first baseman for the national team. If he had been selected as a substitute this time, he would have been on board for the second time, but it was ultimately canceled.

He has regrets, but looking at it individually or as a team, it can be a blessing in disguise.

Oh Jae-il was appointed captain for the second consecutive year following last year. He is leading the team at the Okinawa camp and seeking a rebound for the team.

In order for the national team to join the Arizona camp on the 15th, they have to make a long flight through Okinawa-Incheon-LA-Phoenix. He was not picked from the start, so there is also the difficulty of quickly picking up the pace. Oh Jae-il, who has been adjusting his condition for the opening of the season, must urgently raise his sense of hitting for nearly a month according to the tournament schedule in early March. For Oh Jae-il, a typical slow starter, this is an undesirable schedule to adjust the rhythm for a season.

From the Samsung team’s point of view, it is fortunate that the selection was canceled.

The Samsung infield is undergoing a generational change. As veteran free agents such as Kim Sang-soo and Oh Seon-jin transfer, young infielders such as Lee Jae-hyeon and Kim Ji-chan, Kim Dong-jin and Yang Woo-hyun are expected to take메이저놀이터 on important roles. It is Oh Jae-il who serves as a beacon for young infielders.

In particular, for young players who have a burden of throwing, Jae-Il Oh accepts the ball throughout the camp and his absence during the camp due to the selection of the national team is very different. The best scenario is to start the season with a familiar throw tailored to the Oh Jae-il target.

Oh Jae-il expressed satisfaction, saying, “It is the first time I participated in the Okinawa camp after joining Samsung, and I am in good condition and the facilities are so good that I think I will be able to do a lot of exercise.” It is advantageous in many ways for himself or the team to calmly prepare for the season by helping his juniors until early March without moving his location.

Oh Jae-il, who has gone through all the pre-natal battles, does not have anything new to learn when he goes on the international stage. There is only one regret left, that depending on Park Byung-ho’s physical condition, there was a sense of anxiety in the national team’s infield power.

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