“The players you see on TV… ” World’s KIA Nastado WBC first ‘March, Excitement’ 

“The players I saw on TV… ”

KIA Na Seong-beom is a player who has accomplished little in baseball in Korea. He took the league’s top class in terms of grades, and also wore the 2020 Korean Series championship ring in NC. While moving to KIA in the 2021-2022 free agency market, he even won a 6-year, 15 billion won mega contract.

A big event that will make Na Seong-beom’s heart pound is about to open. March WBC. Of course, Na Seong-beom’s Taegeuk mark is not the first. Surprisingly, however, it is the first time that the WBC national team has been promoted. He recalls that in 2013 he had no chance because he was younger, and in 2017 he could not join due to an injury.

Na Seong-beom said on the 10th (hereinafter Korean time) at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA, “It is the first time 온라인바카라to enter the season after playing the WBC. He wants to experience how to prepare. He was young in 2013, and couldn’t go out in 2017 due to rheumatoid bone surgery. The WBC is different from other international competitions. The best players, the players you see on TV, don’t they come out? It is an honor to be selected.”

He even said, “I want to do it quickly.” That’s why this WBC is special to Na Seong-beom. So he has to prepare well for the season. It is the same as in previous years to slowly raise the condition on purpose, but we plan to raise the pace in line with March.

In a recent batting practice, he produced a cool hitting ball even though he was not at 100% power. As it turns out, the training routine has changed from the previous year. Na Seong-beom said, “Starting in March, I take a different routine to get good results. He prepares with a new heart.”

As soon as he transferred, he received the Golden Glove and certified that he was the best outfielder in the league. However, Na Seong-beom said, “It is a reset every year. There is still something lacking. When facing a pitcher with good timing, you have to respond well, but there are times when your body shakes.” It means the balance is broken.

As Na Seong-beom prepares for the season, another thing he pays attention to is each team’s new pitcher. The rosters of 10 clubs change little by little every year due to foreign pitcher replacement, FA, and trade. “Every year there is a change of players. He has to hit the balls of the new pitchers.” Depending on whether the new pitchers hit the ball or not, the performance can change drastically.

Up to this point, preparations for the WBC and the 2023 season are all going well. Both the national team and the KIA need a blow from Nastar. Na Seong-beom said, “Now is not the time to be in good shape. There is also a lot of training. Practice is also practice, but you need to improve your condition quickly through actual combat. I will do my best in any role at WBC, and I really want to win the remaining contract with KIA.”

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