Wilmer Font (33), the main player in last year’s SSG Landers combined championship, eventually took on the challenge of the big leagues.

Ha-seong Kim signed a minor league contract with the San Diego Padres of American professional baseball.

MLB TradeRumors.com said on the 6th (Korean time), “Font has agreed to a minor league contract with San Diego,” and “will join the major league spring camp and compete to enter the big leagues.

” In 2021 and 2022, he played an active part in the KBO League SSG Landers. He played 329⅔ innings in 53 games and recorded an average ERA of 3.03 with a record of 21 wins and 11 losses. While recording 327 strikeouts, he had only 79 walks. A fast ball with an average speed of 149km and a curve with a large drop were powerful.Font, who

recorded 145⅔ 8 wins (5 losses) in 25 matches in the first year, became more powerful last year with 13 wins and 6 losses and a 2.69 ERA over 28 matches and 184 innings. He stood tall as the protagonist of the combined championship by winning decisive starts in Game 2 and Game 6 of the series.SSG

conveyed its intention to renew the contract to Font, but Font, who had achieved everything he had to achieve in Korea, took on the challenge to achieve his dream of re-entering the big league. Font made his big league debut with the Texas Rangers in 2012, and as a swingman, he recorded a disappointing record of 7-11 with 4 holds and an ERA of 5.82 in 96 games (22 starts) and 151⅔ innings

. If the font received the contract with SSG, it could have received a salary of 2 million dollars for the third year.

However, Font gave up the immediate money and chose to challenge the big leagues. As long as he doesn’t make it to the major leagues, Font has to play for a salary well below what he could make in the KBO. That’s how strong the will to challenge the big leagues is.

Compared to Drew Luchinski (35), who left the NC Dinos and signed a 1+1 major league contract with the Oakland Athletics.

Luczynski has a $3 million salary this year and a $5 million club option for 2024. He is conditional on receiving up to $8 million over two years. For Luchinski, who received $2 million from NC last year, it was a satisfactory contract that secured both money and honor.

Font and Luczynski played side by side as their team’s ace and best pitcher in the KBO League with their strong pitches.

Compared to Luchinski, who recorded 10-12 with a 2.97 ERA in 31 games this season, Font performed better. The Korean series has been recognized for its value on the big stage.

However, the contents of the contract between Luchinski and Font were polar opposites. You have to prove your font skills so you can get the money you can earn in Korea. Why is there such a time difference?

It’s the difference between stability and consistency. Although the two pitchers have similar average speeds of 149 km, Luchinski throws a powerful cutter with an average speed of 141 km. 148km Two-seam and curve also use various breaking balls. The control is also stable. 스포츠토토

On the other hand, the perspective on fonts is a little different. He acknowledged the position itself, but failed to convince him of its consistency.

This is why you have to show a stable appearance in the spring camp.

There is hope. The 4th and 5th picks for San Diego are not yet confirmed. With the image Font showed in the KBO League as a starter, there is a good chance of winning the selection competition over the contractual disadvantage.

MLB Trade Rumors.com predicted, “San Diego operated a six-starter rotation in the beginning of last year,” and “If Font shows an impressive appearance in camp, he can enter the big leagues as a starter or long relief.” “Font pitched stably as a starting pitcher in the KBO League,” he said.