‘The oldest position’ Fourback, the most urgent generation change… Motivation needs to be supplemented

Kim Min-jae, who has emerged as one of the fastest defenders in the world, is holding on, but he is not alone in defending. In Jurgen Klinsmann’s debut game in Korea, the most notable task was to improve the defense.

On the 24th at Ulmunsu Soccer Stadium, Korea played a national team friendly match, and Colombia drew 2-2. Son Heung-min scored multiple goals in the first half, but allowed consecutive goals to James Rodriguez and Jorge Carrascal early in the second half.

Korea dominated the first half, and held the initiative for about half of the second half. However, in the first 15 minutes of the second half, Colombia’s quick attack allowed them to concede two goals.

Most of Korea maintained the same lineup as the ‘2022 Qatar World Cup’, but the position that was most different from that time was the left and right side defense. On the left side, Lee Gi-je was replaced due to Kim Jin-soo’s early injury, and on the right side, Kim Tae-hwan, who was in better condition than Kim Moon-hwan, played as the starter. Both players are top-notch fullbacks in the K-League, but on this day, they often had problems in defense. In particular, Korea’s left defense was heavily attacked during Colombia’s offensive situation.

3 out of 4 were in their 30s. Only Kim Min-jae was 27 years old, in his 20s, Kim Young-gwon 33 years old, Kim Tae-hwan 34 years old, and the left starter Kim Jin-soo was 32 years old. In addition, considering that Jung Woo-young, who guards the four-back, was 34 years old, Korea had relatively older players in the defense.안전놀이터

Among the 5 starting players from the front, only Lee Jae-seong and Son Heung-min were in their 30s, and among the 4 players who were replaced in midfield and attack, only Son Jun-ho was in his 30s. Oh Hyeon-kyu and Lee Kang-in, who were substituted into the offensive line, belong to the young blood.

This shows that the offense has a long way to go, while the generational change has already progressed sufficiently. Kim Young-kwon is still an excellent defender overall, but compared to his prime, his skill has improved and his mobility has declined. If the organization of the entire team or the mobility of the players around you is not enough to cover it, weaknesses can be highlighted. Defensive midfielder Jung Woo-young succeeded Ki Sung-yueng as the starting pitcher and performed well until the World Cup, but he is of the same age as Ki Sung-yueng.

Former coach Paulo Bento tested several side defenders and found Yoon Jong-gyu, who can play both left and right sides, at the last minute, but at the age of 25, he is no longer a promising player. Coach Klinsman needs to come up with a wider alternative starting from the next call. Even if they are not necessarily promising players, they are performing well in the K-League, but it is worth looking forward to the appointment of players in their 20s who had no toxic relationship with the national team.

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