The ‘money or players’ free agency battle isn’t over… the ‘second round’ compensation plan is in play

‘It’s a game now.

The professional basketball free agency (FA) race is entering its second round. The battle for compensation after the ‘big fish’ moves begins. The Korean Basketball League (KBL) announced on the 25th that it had received no letters of intent for free agents by 12 noon, and that it had not received one out of a total of 13. The free agency market is now closed. Unsigned players will now have until 12 noon on the 30th to renegotiate with their original teams and decide their fate.

There will be a separate second round. Compensation deals According to the KBL FA Rules, teams that sent out a free agent in the top 30 of the previous season’s salary rankings can choose either ‘one compensation player + 50 per cent of the incoming free agent’s salary’ or ‘200 per cent of the incoming free agent’s salary’.토토사이트

In this year’s case, where there was a lot of ‘big fish’ movement, there are four players in the top 30 of the compensation ranking who will follow the compensation player: Choi Jun-yong (SK→KCC), Moon Sung-gon (KGC→KT), Yang Hong-seok (KT→LG), and Jung Hyo-geun (Korea Gas Corporation→KGC). Oh Se-geun (KGC→SK) is over the age of 35, so there is no compensation.

With a total of six teams battling for these spots, the first thing to watch out for is the nomination of protected players. There are a total of three protected players (excluding free agents and rookies in the top 30 of the compensation list, which is mandatory) that can be nominated by free agent signing teams. Teams have until the 26th to submit their list of protected players and the 28th to exercise their right to designate compensatory players. The problem here is that even with the three mandatory players that teams must keep, there are a lot of “quasi-relatives” that they don’t want to lose.

For KCC, Heo Ung, Lee Seung-hyun, and Song Kyo-chang are the obvious candidates for protection, but there are plenty of other players they want to keep, including Jung Chang-young, Kim Ji-wan, Lee Kun-hwi, and free agent signing Lee Ho-hyun.

The rest of the teams are struggling with the question of who should be the other one of the three. KGC has Byun Joon-hyung Park Ji-hoon as their favourite and also needs to keep free agent Choi Sung-won. LG is torn between Lee Jae-do and Park Jung-hyun and Lee Seung-woo and Yoon Won-sang, while KT needs to protect Heo Hoon-hyun at all costs.

After nominating the protected players, teams will have to fight for ‘money’ and ‘reinforcements’. It’s easy to steal the money, but considering the competition for the championship next season, the practicality of filling the gap left by the FA cannot be overlooked. In particular, you can also aim to disrupt the power of the opposing team by taking away the ‘quasi-class’ of the team that took the FA.

SK and KGC are the two teams that are in the spotlight here. SK is actually comfortable with ending up with 1.1 billion won in compensation to avoid going over the salary cap. However, after signing Oh Se-geun to win the championship, it could become a burden if they fail to fill the free agent leakage of Choi Sung-won and Choi Jun-yong.

In the case of KGC, some people are predicting that ‘cash compensation is likely based on past behaviour’, but with a big hole left by Byun Joon-hyung, who joined the military, we can’t rule out bringing in KT’s guard resources. Since KT has to compensate KGC for the acquisition of Jung Hyo-geun, there is no telling if the player will leave again. It will also be interesting to see the cascade of unprotected ‘Altoran’ players, as KT will have to fill the gap from LG if they lose a player to KGC.

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