The dignity of real wealth…”Man Utd, full acquisition. Simultaneous operation with PSG”

 Are they two brothers in one oil?

France’s ‘RMC Sport’ reported on the 11th (Korean time), “Qatar is aiming for a complete acquisition of Manchester United, not a partial acquisition,” and “they want to own Manchester United regardless of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).” .

Recently, capital investment toward PL clubs is getting more serious. Following Newcastle being backed by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, Chelsea, which was acquired by American capital, showed a wide move in the transfer market.

In addition, additional capital 스포츠토토dreaming of entering the PL is waiting. In particular, interest in the club that has recently been discussed is Manchester United, which is a prestigious PL representative for Tottenham, which is related to London.

In particular, in the case of Manchester United, specific transfer negotiation targets are emerging. A consortium led by Britain’s richest man, Sir Jim Radcliffe, is being joined by a Qatari sovereign wealth fund.

In Qatar, the King himself is stepping up to take over Manchester United. RMC Sports explained, “Qatar, unlike other buyers, want to take over the whole of Manchester United. They want to buy all of the stock, not just a fraction of it, and take full control of it.”

The media emphasized, “Qatar plans to own PSG and Manchester United at the same time. It plans to avoid restrictions by explaining to the European Football Federation (UEFA) that the two clubs operate differently.”

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