The challenge of Kim Sang-won, who won an active UFC fighter, begins.

Mixed martial arts champion Kim Sang-won participates in the second season of Road to UFC.

The Asian division of the US sports agency ‘First Round Management’ announced on the 6th that Kim Sang-won will join the 2023 Road to UFC Featherweight (-66kg) tournament.

UFC, the world’s No. 1 organization, launched Road to UFC in 2022, an Asian mixed martial arts prospect contest that qualifies winners of tournaments by weight category. The season kicks off on May 27 at the China Performance Institute Shanghai.

Kim Sang-won served as the featherweight champion in Korea’s ‘Double G’ in 2021. ▲ 2016 Fighting Nexus (Japan) 1 win ▲ 2018-2022 Hex Fight Series (Australia) 2 wins ▲ 2019 Pankration (Russia) 1 win 1 loss ▲ 2020-2022 Brawl (Guam) 1 win 1 loss, etc. Competition experience is an advantage.

Active in mixed martial arts in 5 countries including Korea ▲Jack Jenkins (Australia) currently active in UFC ▲Pankration featherweight tournament winner Konstantin Kireev (Russia) ▲GRACHAN bantamweight (-61kg) champion Ito Guya (Japan) ▲ He defeated AFC Featherweight Champion Moon Ki-beom. 안전놀이터

In the 13th tournament of the ‘Hex Fight Series’ held in Melbourne, Australia in 2018, Kim Sang-won defeated Jenkins with a choke technique called Rear Naked Choke in 4 minutes and 6 seconds from the start of the game.

Jenkins did not get frustrated and entered the UFC featherweight division with ▲ 2020 Eternal (Australia) Champion ▲ 2021 Rogue (Australia) Champion ▲ 2022 Contender Series victory. He also won his debut match in February of this year.

The ‘Contender Series’ is a competition to discover prospects directly hosted by UFC President Dana White. After losing to Kim Sang-won, Jenkins won 8 consecutive wins in 1787 days (4 years, 10 months, 20 days) until the first UFC fight.

It is not difficult to guess how Sangwon Kim must have felt after seeing Jenkins enter the UFC. Can the motivation to follow through to the major stage through Road to UFC lead to a tournament victory?

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