‘The best shoulders in the league’ next generation SSG hostess “I want to play in a winning game” 

Cho Hyeong-woo (21), who is attracting attention as the next-generation housekeeper of SSG Landers, aimed to play in many winning games this season.

Cho Hyeong-woo expressed his thoughts on the 3rd turn at the 1st SSG spring camp held in Vero Beach, Florida, USA on the 11th, “Now I have completely adapted to the environment here. I went to Australia this winter and there was a problem with jet lag, so it was my second time. It was really difficult even though the amount of training until the turn was not that much,” he said frankly.

The player may have felt that way, but due to the nature of the catcher position, there is no choice but to have a lot of training. He also needs to hone his catching skills while helping the pitchers with their bullpen pitching, and he has a lot of basic things to do, such as blocking, stealing, and tagging home. Jeong Sang-ho (41), SSG 1st team battery coach, said, “Even though there is a lot of training, (Cho) Hyung-woo follows along well without saying anything.”

He goes through tough training without complaining. He is rather interested in the fact that he has a lot to learn. Hyeong-woo Cho said, “The reason I like the catcher position is that there are many things to do. To say that I need a lot of skills means that I have a lot of things to do well. So catcher is fun.” There was almost no training. Every day was different and there was a lot to learn, so there was no time to get bored.”

Another reason is that he completely trusts coach Jung Sang-ho, who is close to his role model. Cho Hyeong-woo expressed disapproval, saying, “Actually, I don’t like role models, so this kind of question is the most difficult.” Coach Jeong Sang-ho also played well. He taught me well according to my situation, so I believe in that and follow him,” he laughed.

Apart from these detailed reasons, there are many people who appreciate his good personality itself. Park Jong-hoon (32), who stormed in스포츠토토 during the interview, praised him, saying, “(Cho) Hyung-woo is a player who will become big. He is really nice, so I think he will do well.” Even so, he said, “Everything else is good, but he’s so nice.”

Pitcher Reed is one example of a good personality that can sometimes be regrettable. In bullpen pitching on the 11th, Hyeong-Woo Cho shouted “Nice ball” even when the ball was slightly missing, and coach Jung pointed it out lightly. In response, Hyeong-woo Cho said, “It is still difficult to clearly convey my opinion to the pitcher. Recently, the most painstaking training is also during bullpen pitching. he replied.

“The pitcher on our team needs to know the ball composition well, but the pitcher on the opposing team also needs to know. This is why the seniors feel so great. I have all the data in my head. I’m sharing a room with Lee Jae-won right now, and it helps a lot. are receiving,” he added.

Although there are still some regrets, the expectations within the SSG club are very high. Coach Jeong Sang-ho introduced, “He has an attractive strong shoulder. Even though he is not in 100% condition yet, his average pop time at second base is 1.92-1.93 seconds, with a maximum of 1.88 seconds. This alone is the best in the league, and he can get faster here.” “(Cho) Hyeong-woo is a player that I look forward to more this year than last year and next year than this year.

Cho Hyeong-woo said, “The shoulder is something I was originally confident about. There were achievements in last year’s Futures League and this year’s Australia. However, there is still only one strong point that I can show off. I have to prepare more basic things.” Still, as I played many games in Australia last year, I got more room in defense. This year, my goal is to play in as many first-team games as possible than last year, even if it’s just a few games. Also, I’ve never played a winning game before, so I played a lot of winning games this year and won. I also want to experience it,” he said with strong aspirations.

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