The 78th National Handball Championship opens in Jeongeup on the 22nd

The 78th National Handball Championship will be held in Jeongeup, Jeonbuk from the 22nd to the 30th.

In this year’s competition, 86 teams, 6 more than last year, will participate and compete in four stadiums: Jeongeup National Sports Center, Shintaein Gymnasium, Jeongil Middle School, and Jeongeup High School. 토스카지노

In the male middle school, which has the most participating teams, 16 teams compete, starting with Seonsan Middle School, the winner of the last competition.

14 men’s and women’s elementary teams, 13 women’s middle schools, 15 men’s high schools, 9 women’s high schools, 3 men’s university teams, and 2 women’s college teams will participate in a total of 143 games.

The university division with a small number of participating teams determines the winning team by holding only the full league, and the remaining divisions hold a tournament after the group stage.

All matches will be broadcast live on the official YouTube channel of the Korea Handball Association.

The final, which will be held on the 30th, will be broadcast live on B TV as well as on YouTube.

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