‘Strong team mode after 9 consecutive losses’ Two-faced KEPCO creates a sensation in the middle ranks

It has changed 180 degrees.

Men’s professional volleyball KEPCO won a set score 3-1 in a home game against Hyundai Capital in the 5th round of Dodram 2022-2023 V-League held at Suwon Gymnasium on the 5th.

Starting from the match against Hyundai Capital on the 23rd of last month, he won 4 consecutive wins and completed 38 points (12 wins, 14 losses), quickly leaping to 4th place. The difference between the 3rd place Woori Card (39 points, 14 wins and 12 losses) is only 1 point. If this momentum is maintained, it is a situation where you can look at spring volleyball. If the difference in points between the 3rd and 4th places is less than 3 points, a semi-playoff single match will be held.

Most of all, it is encouraging that they rebounded스포츠토토 after a nightmare losing streak. KEPCO fell into a whopping 9 consecutive losses, including all losses in the 3rd round, from December 3rd of last year to the Samsung Firefighting on the 5th of last month. It was a hard fall to find an answer on both sides of the offense and defense. Only 4 points were added during this period, leaving only a disappointing record of 6 wins and 13 losses in the season.

A great reversal has arrived. On the 10th of last month, in the 4th round of the Woori Card match, it was the opportunity to win after a full set battle and prevent a 10-game losing streak. Since then, KEPCO has transformed into a solid team. They have a record of 6 wins and 1 loss in 7 matches. The only loss was a crushing defeat against leader Korean Air on the 20th of last month after a full set of bloody battles.

In particular, it should be noted that of the last 4 consecutive wins, 3 wins were won against the 1st and 2nd placed teams. They captured 1st place Korean Air once (February 2) and 2nd place Hyundai Capital twice (January 23rd and February 5th) to get 9 points. It is evidence that the recent rise is not simply due to Daejinwoon, but due to sufficient competitiveness.

Setter Ha Seung-woo, who was brought in by trade before the season, and his teammates are getting along. The appearance that coach Kwon Young-min, a former setter, wanted began to shine. With the attack of Thais Leul Host (registered name Thais), an outsider who shines as the MVP of the 4th round, Seo Jae-deok and Lim Seong-jin add strength. Veterans such as Shin Young-seok, who shines first in league blocking (0.769 per set) and quick attack (67.35% attack success rate), and Park Cheol-woo, who does not hesitate to change positions, support juniors with their experience and hold the center.

KEPCO, which has established itself as the nucleus of the hottest storm, is aiming for a 5-game winning streak against KB Insurance at the Uijeongbu Gymnasium on the 9th.

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