Spring hockey, until Game 5 after all… The Red Eagles, driven to the brink, won Game 4

 The final winner of the Asia League Ice Hockey Playoffs eventually became the 5th game to be held on the 26th at the Anyang ice rink.스포츠토토

In the 4th game on the 25th, the Red Eagles Hokkaido beat HL Anyang 0-1, making the score 2-2. The playoff finals are played on a best-of-five basis.

The HL initially expected to show a strong side in their home game and win Game 4 on Saturday to secure the championship. However, the desperateness of the Red Eagles, driven to the edge of the cliff, worked.

The game started with an assist from Shogo Nakajima by the Red Eagles captain, Ryo Hashimoto, at 3:05 after the start of the first period. However, no one could have predicted that this would be the only score of the day.

The Red Eagles were desperate to block HL Anyang’s attacks with their main striker Yu Hikosaka entering the penalty box as many as three times. Even when it was a power play situation, key defenders such as Halliday Jiei and Yamada Kotaro were put in to prevent scoring.

In the regular league, the HL is ahead of the Red Eagles Hokkaido with 5 wins and 3 losses. However, it is unclear what outcome the two teams will show in the single game.

In the playoffs, the number of Red Eagles-HL shooting by both teams is △(Red Eagles) Game 1 23-26 △(HL) Game 2 29-26 △(HL) Game 3 24-33 △(Red Eagles) Game 4 33-28 was

HL Anyang ranked first in the regular league and is aiming for their 7th championship in their career.

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