Soongsil·Kyunghee·Dong-eui, side by side, reported 2 consecutive victories in the Baekdudaegan period 

Soongsil University, Kyunghee University, and Dong-eui University reported two consecutive victories side by side.스포츠토토

The 2nd day of the Baekdudaegan period preliminary round for the 59th Chugye University Football Federation in Taebaek, a highland tourism, recreation and leisure sports city, was held in Taebaek, Gangwon-do.

On the first day, Soongsil University defeated Widuk University 1-0 following Incheon University. Kyunghee University, which defeated Ulsan University on the first day, also defeated Korea International University 4-0 that day. Dong-eui University also succeeded in winning two consecutive victories by beating Jeonju Cheon University 1-0 following Bae-dae-dae. In addition to this, Chung-Ang University, Gwangju University, and Konkuk University also added victories.

◇The 59th Chugye University Football Federation Baekdudaegangi (13th)

Jeju International 2-1 Daegyeong, Gimcheon 1-1 Yeongnam, Soongsil 1-0 Uideok, Ulsan 4-0 Dongwon Science and Technology, Dong-dong 1-0 Jeonju, Yongin 0 -1 Gangseo, Kwangwoon 9-0 Gyeongmin, Hanil Jangsin 2-1 Gaya, Jeonju 7-0 Chosun Igong, Jangan 3-1 Dongwon, Daegu Arts 4-0 Donggang, Shinseong 1-0 Yeonseong, Myeongji 7-0 Korea Golf , Incheon 10-1 Gunjang, Kyunghee 4-0 Korea International, Baejae 4-0 Seoul, Joongang 6-0 Jeonnam Science, Gwangju 2-1 Sehan, Konkuk 6-0 Gangdong, Sangji 4-2 Catholic Kwandong, Daeshin 4-1 Nambu

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