SK, who took care of 6 consecutive wins… The battle for second place is not over! 

Seoul SK defeated Goyang Carrot and raised hopes of going directly to the playoffs (PO) in the quarterfinals.

SK won 88-73 in the regular league round 6 home game against Carrot of the ‘2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball’ held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 22nd. SK (33-18), who succeeded in winning 6 consecutive wins, narrowed the gap with 2nd place Changwon LG (33-17) to 0.5 games and continued their voyage toward the PO in the semifinals. 5th place Carrot (26-25) fell into a 3-game losing streak.

The previous day (21st), coach Kim Seung-gi, who is experiencing internal troubles such as the termination of the sponsorship contract with the club’s naming sponsor, Carrot Insurance, told the players, “I will receive all my salaries, and I will play PO, so let’s work hard.” . I will focus only on finding confidence,” he said. SK coach Jeon Hee-chul said, despite the upward trend of 5 consecutive victories, “Recently, I always played a game where I was dragged and turned over. Today, he said, “Let’s change the rhythm from the first quarter.” 안전놀이터

SK, which is in the middle of a fight for second place, has expanded the range of player utilization through active rotation. On the other hand, Jonathan Alledge (25 points, 9 rebounds) and Lee Jung-hyun (23 points) were responsible for most of the offense for Carrot, with Jeon Seong-hyun and Didric Lawson missing due to injuries. In SK, a total of 8 players participated in scoring in the first half. On the other hand, there were only four Carrots. Carrot scored 30 out of 37 points in the first half with Aledge and Lee Jung-hyun (15 points above).

SK gradually recovered its offensive power from the 3rd quarter, which started with a 39-37 lead. In 50-48, Oh Jae-hyun (11 points, 7 rebounds) scored 3 points and scored under the goal to 55-48, and in 57-50 Kim Seon-hyeong (13 points, 12 assists) and Jameel Warney (25 points, 10 rebounds) were under the goal. He scored and ran away 61-50 at once. Once SK caught the flow, it became easier to manage the game. He also effectively blocked Carrot’s attack, whose physical strength was noticeably low.

SK maintained its firepower even in the fourth quarter, which started with a 68-55 lead, and was confident of victory by replacing all five starters with 5 minutes left until the end of the game, running away with a score of 78-58.

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