Sang Wook Kim Wins by Submission, Sang Hoon Yoo Wins by TKO, Chang Ho Lee Wins by TKO, Ki-Bin Kim Loses by Takedown – Road to UFC

Kim Sang-Wook used his superior striking to pick up a first-round submission win, while Lee Chang-Ho and Yoo Sang-Hoon also picked up TKO victories. However, Ki-Bin Kim lost a takedown due to a mistake in a pounding attack, while Hong Sung Chan lost a first-round TKO.

Kim Sang Wook submitted Kazuma Maruyama of Japan with a rear-naked choke at 3:08 of the first round in their lightweight bout on the second day of the Road to UFC on the 28th. Kim Sang Wook is now 9-2 in MMA.토토사이트

Bantamweight Lee Chang-ho and non-tournament welterweight Yoo Sang-hoon earned TKO victories.

Changho Lee knocked out Pratap Singh of India at 3:52 of the first round. Changho Lee improved his MMA record to 8-1.

Sang Hoon Yoo sent Chris Hoffman to the ground at 3:10 of the third round. Yu improved to 8-2 in MMA.

Ki-Bin Kim had a chance to win by TKO but was disqualified for foul play. After putting Batebolati down with punches at the 2:02 mark of the second, Ki-Bin went for the finish with a ground-and-pound attack.

After about a dozen punches, the referee stopped the fight. It looked like he was going to call a TKO, but the referee called a foul, saying that Ki-Bin had hit him in the back of the head.

He denied it, but the referee said he hit him four times in the back of the head where he shouldn’t have.

Referee Mark Goddard looked at Batebolati’s situation and decided it was difficult to continue the match and disqualified Ki. It was 2 minutes and 22 seconds into the second.

Ki’s “foul blow” was completely unintentional, and Battevolati had already sustained enough damage when he went down that he allowed Ki’s pounding to continue unchecked.

South Korea has now used nine players in Season 2, winning five and losing four.

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