‘Samsung’s big deal’ Samsung has no intention of rushing at all

Samsung is one of the teams whose power looks somewhat at stake this season.

The bullpen is relatively weak, and the infield consists of too young players. It is considered a team that needs a thicker player base.

This is why the trade story never ends. The only team that can move in the current situation is Samsung.

Samsung is a team with room for catchers.

It is a team that can only have 3 catchers in the 1st team, including main catcher Kang Min-ho, main backup backup Kim Tae-gun, and batting talent Kim Jae-seong.

In the end, the prevailing prospect was that Samsung would use one of them to trade.

But Samsung was never in a hurry. It emphasizes only the principle, “To get a main catcher, you must present a card that matches him.”

For this reason, there is a high possibility that the trade from Samsung will not take place for the time being. This is because Samsung is not in a hurry to make up its mind.

An official familiar with the Samsung situation said, “Samsung is focusing on strengthening the team through internal training. The plan is to make up for the shortfall through intensive training. I am not going to trade easily. It seems that there is no plan to move until the other team presents a convincing card. I think it is difficult to make a decision before spring camp, when each team will test their strength,” he said.

Even if it’s just catchers right now. From the outside, there are teams that seem to need a catcher, but so far they are tapping the calculator saying they can overcome with internal training.

However, the key may be how much the catchers’ skills will improve through the spring camp. In any case, it seems that a decision can be made only after the spring camp, which will test the skills of the catchers, is over.

Samsung is also making a plan to wait patiently until then. Samsung is calculating that now is not the time to rush.

Samsung coach Park Jin-man said, “I don’t think much about the trade. All three catchers can be used in the first team like last year. During the spring camp, the lack of each team is bound to stand out. If the team that feels lacking presents a suitable card, then I think we can discuss the trade. Also, trades should be made by moving in the front rather than on the field. So far, I haven’t asked the front desk for a trade,” he said. 메이저놀이터

Trade rumors related to Samsung will continue. But now is the time for spring camp to begin. It is a situation where hope can appear a little bigger than the regrets for each team. It seems that the discussion on the trade will be more active only in early March, when more than half of the spring camp has passed.

Since Samsung, which has a strong catcher power, is not in a hurry to trade, it seems that the trade promotion will inevitably lose momentum.

What is the conclusion reached after a long period of contemplation? What is clear is that the possibility of a big deal being made in the near few days is very low.

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