Ronaldo ‘expelled by Tenhah’, Saudi Arabia kicks out manager and reviews Mourinho

“Mourinho received a mega offer from Al Nasr”. 

The Sun announced on the 12th (Korean time), “Recently, coach Jose Mourinho received a ‘mega offer’ from Al Nasr. According to Calcio Mercato’s Rudy Galletti, Mourinho is seriously considering it.” .

Following the signing of Ronaldo, it is another love call for the star of Saudi Arabia’s ‘Oil Money’. Earlier this year, Al-Nasr drew attention by signing a two-and-a-half-year contract with Ronaldo for 200 million euros (about 280 billion won) a year. Soccer fans around the world were in a heated debate over the transfer of a world-class striker to a club in the Middle East. 안전놀이터

Then, this time, he is reaching out to coach Mourinho, who can be said to be the world’s best manager.

Ronaldo has a big influence. The Mirror reported on the 12th, “As Ronaldo has recently expressed his dissatisfaction, Al Nasr will sack manager Rudi Garcia.”

“Ronaldo has scored 11 goals in 10 appearances with his new team, but the team has moved away from the lead in recent weeks,” he said. “I have expressed my thoughts to the club that I am not satisfied with the recent situation.” 

Ronaldo already has experience expressing dissatisfaction with the manager. While playing for Manchester United, he was forced to leave after complaining to manager Eric ten Haag. 

However, Ronaldo, who is fully supported by Saudi Arabia, is different in Al Nasr. In any case, they are showing great progress.

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