Returning fireworks shooter, sprinkle red pepper powder to advance to KT PO?

Carrot’s revived one-two punch goes to catch KT.

▶Suwon KT (20 wins, 27 losses, 7th place) vs Goyang Carrot (25 wins, 22 losses, 4th place) March 13th (

Mon) 7pm, Suwon KT Sonicboom Arena SPOTV/ SPOTV ON
– Jeon Seong-hyun, who survived, played the previous match 18 Points
– KT, 6th place KCC in case of victory Chase by 1 game car
– Jarrod Jones scored 20+ points in 4 consecutive games Jeon Seong-

hyun went through a downturn with an average of 6.3 points in 3 games before the confrontation with LG, but scored 18 points against LG and became a fireworks shooter announced their comeback. Only two of his three-point shots were successful (five attempts), but he embarrassed his opponent by adding various points such as mid-range shots and breaking through. Coach Kim Seung-gi also orders a variety of attacks rather than 3-point shots because Jeon Seong-hyun’s 3-point shot success rate has dropped (37.9%).

The momentum of Lee Jung-hyun, who completely overcomes the slump and continues the streak of 10+ points in 6 games, is also frightening. Against LG, he scored 30 points, close to his personal highest score (31 points), and added 6 rebounds, 9 assists and 3 steals, showing an all-weather performance. In addition, it is strong against KT with an average of 18.6 points against KT (second place against a specific team).

Carrot’s record against KT is poor at 2 wins and 3 losses, but the momentum of the one-two punch is frightening. In addition, while Lee Jung-hyun and Jeon Seong-hyun hesitated for a while, it is also encouraging that Jo Han-jin, Choi Hyun-min, Han Ho-bin, and Kim Jin-yong grew up filling the void. Can Carrot, whose sum is well matched, overcome the opponent’s poor record and take a step closer to a confirmation of playoff advancement? 메이저놀이터

KT’s situation against Carrot is not good. There are 7 games left, including the match against Carrot, but they are still in 7th place. To advance to the playoffs, they need to outpace Jeonju KCC in 6th place. The ride is 1.5 games, and if you win, you can narrow it down to 1.0 games.

The positive thing is that they won a dramatic victory in the previous confrontation with Korea Gas Corporation in Daegu. Two seconds before the end of the game, when the score was tied (83-83), Jarrod Jones scored a 3-point shot and wrote a victory drama. Recently, Jones’ skills have blossomed. He scored in double digits in seven consecutive games and scored 20+ in four consecutive games. I wonder if KT, which has an opponent’s overall advantage and height advantage along with Jones’ skills, can beat Carrot and move one step closer to 6th place.

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