Reed’s extended contract with Philadelphia broke… free agency after the season

The Philadelphia 76ers hoped to maintain power after the season, but failed.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, Philadelphia have not agreed to a contract extension with Paul Reed (forward, 206cm, 95kg).

His rookie contract expires at the end of this season. Philadelphia would have liked to leave him on an extended contract if possible. However, as even the recent negotiations finally broke down, a small question arose about maintaining power for the upcoming 2023-2024 season.

Reid becomes a restricted free agent after the season. Even if other clubs want to take him, Philadelphia has room. However, if the value of lead increases compared to the market, it will be a burden for Philadelphia. This is because the scale of expenditure on maintaining existing electricity is already considerable.

Philadelphia’s total salary next season is over $164 million, including James Harden’s player option. The salary cap for next season is $134 million, and the extravaganza is $162 million. Even if Harden uses the option and may not stay, if he stays at a similar size, Philadelphia’s spending is likely to cross the luxury tax line.

It is bound to be a burden because the amount of expenditure is large. Of course, it is questionable whether Reed will receive much attention in the transfer market. However, it is worth aiming for his recruitment as the team needs a backup center. He has appeared in 69 games this season. He recorded 4.2 points (.593 .167 .745) and 3.8 rebounds in 10.9 minutes per game. He had one of the best years of his career since entering the NBA.

In Game 4 of the first round of the playoffs, Joel Embiid’s injury void was well filled. After posting 12 points in his last Game 1, scoring his first double-digit score in the playoffs, he produced his first double-double of the playoffs in Game 4. It brilliantly filled the vacancy of Embiid, who was absent due to an injury that day. He posted 10 points and 15 rebounds and had 8 offensive rebounds.

Reed entered the NBA through the 2020 draft. He was called up by Philadelphia in the second round, ranked 28th. It was nominated almost at the end. It was unclear whether he would be able to survive in the NBA. However, he stepped on the court little by little from his first season. From this season, he has solidified his position as a practical backup center. In his last two seasons he played intermittently, but this season he did his job well. 메이저놀이터

In the last 2020-2021 season, he stood out in his G-League. His first year was mostly spent in the G-League, as he signed a two-way deal. In his first year, he was named G-League Rookie of the Year, First Team, and regular season MVP. His outstanding performance in the G-League earned him a formal contract with Philadelphia.

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