PL strong team killer + La Liga ‘three captains’… Lee Kang-in ‘You deserve to be angry’

From Lee Kang-in’s point of view, it’s worth getting angry.

The Spanish media started to ‘cock’ the clubs that wanted Lee Kang-in in the winter transfer market. However, it was predicted that it would be difficult for Lee Kang-in to find a new team in the winter, emphasizing that his current team, Mallorca, had no intention of sending him.

Spain’s ‘Marca’ reported on the 25th (Korean time), “Lee Kang-in is not happy in Mallorca. He does not understand the position of the club that does not listen to the proposal for him in January.”

The reason why Kang-in Lee expressed his dissatisfaction is that despite various offers for him, he made it clear that the club had no intention of transferring him unless he was a buyout.

Marca also explained that “Mallorca is making it clear that they will not accept any offer.”

The clubs that want Lee Kang-in are Brighton, which is raging as a strong team killer in the English Premier League, and Atletico Madrid, one of the three prestigious Spanish La Liga.

Reporter Matteo Moreto, who is fluent in Spanish news, said on his personal SNS, “Lee Kang-in requested a transfer,” and “Mallorca will allow it in the summer. There are proposals from two clubs, Brighton and an unnamed La Liga club. He revealed the name of the English club. 스포츠토토

Then came the claim that the Spanish club was Atletico Madrid.

Mallorca local magazine ‘Ultima Hora’ said, “The club that shows the greatest interest is Atletico. Lee Kang-in’s agent listens to the proposal and wants to sit in the transfer seat.”

There is only one way for Lee Kang-in to leave the team. A team appears after paying out a buyout of 17 million euros (approximately 22.5 billion won) attached to him. Attention is focusing on whether there will be a team paying a buyout in the transfer market with less than a week left, or whether a team paying a transfer fee of around 10 million euros will emerge and Lee Kang-in and Mallorca will scuffle until the last minute.

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