‘Overcoming Injury’ Shin Yu-bin “I cried countless times”

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Shin Yu-bin, a rising star in women’s table tennis, made a comeback from injury and debuted on the domestic professional stage.

She vowed to take a new leap forward, saying that she has become stronger this year.

This is reporter Kim Tae-woon.

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Prior to training, Yubin Shin carefully tapes her wrists.

[Shin Yubin/Korean Air]
“It doesn’t cut well because I keep staring at it. Originally, I’m really good at it.”

Her nervousness also briefly kicked off her training cheerfully.

[Shin Yubin/Korean Air]
What is this? is it on? uh? it’s on

Shin Yu-bin, who exchanged strong스포츠토토 drives with her one after another, continued her practice until she was full of her sexuality in order to awaken her senses.

[Shin Yubin/Korean Air]
“Give me one more.”

Fatigue fractures caused by forced marches after the Tokyo Olympics.

Even with her rehab, her injuries recurred and she ended up. She underwent two surgeries in the last year.

[Shin Yubin/Korean Air]
“I think it was the most difficult time. Her wrists didn’t think about getting better, so I think she was mentally exhausted. I couldn’t count how many times I cried in a day, back then.”

Now both her body and her mind are hardened.

After focusing on lower body training instead of wrists, her movements became faster and stronger, and she won her first two gold medals in an international competition last November.

In addition, he ranked 19th in the world rankings and was selected for the national team, so he could aim for the Asian Games.

[Shin Yu-bin/Korean Air]
“It’s not decided right now, so I’ll try to become a representative in the selection

match, and if I become a representative, I’ll try to win a medal.” I promised to give.

[Shin Yubin/Korean Air]
“As much as you have waited for me, I will work hard to repay you with a good game, so please support me a lot in the future!”

This is Kim Tae-woon from MBC News.

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