‘Old veteran’ Nagatomo announces fourth pregnancy “Please watch warmly”

Japanese soccer player Nagatomo Yuto (37, FC Tokyo) announced the fourth pregnancy of his wife, actress Airi Taira (39).

On the 6th, Yuto Nagatomo said through his social network service (SNS), “Happily, his wife Airi is pregnant with the fourth child스포츠토토. She hopes that the baby will be born healthy,” she said.

He continued, “February 5 was her oldest son’s fifth birthday. I’m glad she grew up in good health,” he added, revealing a picture of her family.

Nagatomo Yuto and Taira Airi got married in 2017 and had their first child the following year, second in 2019, and third in 2021.

Their marriage was a hot topic at the time. A video of Yuto Nagatomo proposing to Airi Taira in the middle of a soccer field while kneeling and handing over a ring drew public attention.

Nagatomo Yuto is Japan’s representative defender, and is called ‘a veteran of the fight’. Last January, he agreed to a contract with his team, FC Tokyo, for the 2023 season, and continues his active life.

Nagatomo Yuto is a veteran of European leagues such as Inter Milan (Italy), Marseille (France), and Galatasaray (Turkey). In September 2021, he returned to his hometown FC Tokyo. Even at the age of 36, he played 30 games last season and showed no signs of rusting.

He participated in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar wearing the uniform of the Japanese national team, became the first Japanese player to participate in 4 World Cups in a row, and set records such as participating in 16 World Cup matches in 16 years.

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