Now ‘entertainer’ Kang Ho-dong… From Cheonha business to national MC

Now the ‘entertainer’ series [Now there was ‘entertainer’ Ahn Jung-hwan and Lee Dong-guk… soccer ‘idol’ days] Next, let’s take a look at Kang Ho-dong, the national MC.

Kang Ho-dong entered the wrestling world at the age of 14 when he was in middle school, and has been known for his outstanding skills since he was in middle school. Kang Ho-dong, who rose to prominence by winning an amateur national unification business in high school 3, made his debut in March 1989 and won the Baekdu Jangsa title that year. In March 1990, when he was 21 years old, he won the title of the youngest Cheonha Master at the time, and from March 1989 to March 1992, he won 5 out of 9 tournaments and dominated the wrestling world. 메이저사이트

He has the second highest number of championships in the world of wrestling, Lee Man-gi, and holds the phenomenal record of winning 5 times, 7 times in Baekdu, and undefeated in the team event.

Kang Ho-dong, who suddenly retired from the wrestling world in his heyday, debuted in the broadcasting world in 1993 as a special comedian at MBC and gained popularity in ‘Comedy East, West, South and North’ with immature acting that did not suit his large size and the buzzword ‘Haengnimah~’.

During his 30 years of broadcasting career, Kang Ho-dong made hit programs such as Campus Video Songs, MC Great Fight, Kang Ho-dong’s Match in Heaven, Find the X-Man, Real Romance Love Letter, Ambitious Manman, Amazing Competition Stockings, Knee-high Guru, 2 Days & 1 Night, and Strong Heart. It is. Even after returning at the end of 2012, they are making hits in My Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education, New Journey to the West, Knowing Brother, Let’s Eat Dinner Together, Kang’s Kitchen, Island Musketeers, and Dae Escape.

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