Na Seong-beom, “Winning both international competitions..WBC is also good”

Gold medal experience in the Premier 12 Asian Games
Expecting to participate in the WBC even with an unfamiliar training schedule
“WBC can win even if it’s difficult”
“I don’t prepare just to play fall baseball” ..KIA championship goal

KIA Tigers’ center hitter and national team outfielder Na Seong-beom showed confidence in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) to be held next month.

Na Seong-beom, who is participating in the KIA spring camp in Tucson, Arizona, USA, is scheduled to join the WBC national team camp starting in Tucson on the 14th with teammates Yang Hyeon-jong and Lee Eui-ri.

In an interview with KBC, Na Seong-beom said that preparations for the season, which are going differently than usual, are somewhat unfamiliar to him in preparation for the WBC.

Na Seong-beom, who said, “It’s the first time I’ve ever started so quickly after entering the professional league,” added스포츠토토, “I’m trying to adapt quickly.”

Although it is an unfamiliar schedule, he expressed confidence as well as anticipation for participating in the WBC.

In particular, he said, “I’ve been to (international competitions) about two times so far, and I won a gold medal when I went out both times.”

Na Seong-beom actually participated in the 2014 Incheon Asian Games and the 1st WSBC Premier 12 competition in 2015 the following year, and has a record of winning both.

Regarding the WBC this time, “Honestly, it will be difficult, but if we do our best, I think we will be able to win again, and although the players have not joined now, I think each club will be preparing well.”

He also asked for interest and support from baseball fans, saying, “I will seriously try to show a good figure as much as the players represented the country.”

On the other hand, Na Seong-beom expressed his determination for this season’s goal, saying, “The players do not prepare hard to play fall baseball every year.”

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