“My ultimate goal is…” What is Russell’s real intention behind returning to the KBO?

Ten years ago, Edison Russell was a Chicago Cubs prospect.

As expected, he became one of the key players in helping Chicago win the World Series.

But domestic violence caught him off guard. He was suspended for 40 games. Baseball fans booed him. His grades were also low. Chicago released him after sending him to the minor leagues.

After that, his wandering life began. When his return to the major leagues became difficult, he turned to overseas leagues. It was the KBO League.

At first, KBO coaches and players admired his play. However, he failed to adapt and his contract renewal failed.

Eventually he flew to Mexico. He played there for two years, aiming for ‘Kwontojungrae’.

He also had good grades. He had a batting average of over 300.

But major league teams didn’t call him.

While playing in the Dominican Winter League after the Mexican League, KBO Kiwoom Heroes approached him. Kiwoom, who failed to renew the contract with Yasiel Puig, was encouraged by Russell’s performance in the Mexican League 메이저놀이터 .

Russell readily accepted Kiwoom’s offer to give him another chance.

He decided to aim for his return to the major leagues based on his performance in the KBO. The generous treatment also played a big role in going to the KBO.

Last year, Russell was playing in the Mexican League.In an interview with the Laredo Morning Times, “I just try to be the best team member here. I compete every day. But I don’t want to spend the rest of my life here. I have my own goals. I want to go back to the major leagues. That is the ultimate goal.” target,” he said.

The media cited the example of Eric Thames succeeding in returning to the big leagues through the KBO, and said that Russell wanted to do the same.

The problem is that the major league teams are not taking a good look at his domestic violence. This is because more and more teams are reluctant to sign players in that situation.

In response, Jose Melendez, general manager of Aseros, where Russell worked, insisted that major league teams give Russell a chance.

“Russell is one of the greatest players. He deserves another chance in the big leagues. I don’t understand why he’s here (Mexico) again,” he said.

“Last year he showed that he has the ability to come back to the major leagues. He needs a team to forgive him for what happened in the past. I believe people deserve a second chance. But if they keep making those mistakes, then it’s time to put a stop to their careers.”

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