The English Premier League (EPL) entered the World Cup break after the match between Fulham and Manchester United on the 14th of last month.

And it will resume on the 26th, starting with the match between Brentford and Tottenham. That’s about a month or so later.

Before the World Cup break, the subject of greatest interest was Erling Haaland. After moving to the EPL from the German Bundes League, he boasted a phenomenal goal-making ability of 18 goals in 13 games. It is six goals apart from Hacky Kane, who is second in scoring.

However, Haaland did not have a relationship with the World Cup. Because Norway was eliminated in the European qualifiers, unlike other players, I only watched the World Cup on TV.

And he is currently playing friendly matches while training with the team ahead of the league restart. Manchester City recently played La Liga side Girona in a friendly match in Manchester, England. The result was a 2-0 win.

In the match held on the 18th, Haaland shook Girona’s net 15 minutes after stepping on the ground and still showed off his scoring ability. It was his second goal after Kevin de Bruyne.

Upon hearing the news, Manchester City fans cheered. On the other hand, rival Arsenal fans felt fear again, reported the British Daily Star. 스포츠토토

An Arsenal fan said, “The EPL starts again. I already miss the World Cup,” fearing the ‘monster’ Holland through social media.

Another rival fan revealed, “I think I’ll start to suffer from trauma again because of Holland every week.”

On the other hand, Manchester City fans were enthusiastic. One fan cheered, “He’s really cool.”

Meanwhile, Manchester City are currently running second in the EPL. They are 5 points behind first place Arsenal. Manchester City will have an EPL Cup match against Liverpool on the 22nd local time.

And on the 28th local time, the Premier League resumes with an away game against Leeds United.

Haaland scores his team’s second goal in a friendly match against Girona at Manchester City. Photo = Getty Image Korea]