“Mitoma is better than Trosar”… Arsenal, will you regret your choice?

It has been argued that Arsenal needed to focus more on signing Kaoru Mitoma.

Arsenal stayed connected with the Brighton players during the winter transfer window. Arsenal, who needed attacking and midfield options, approached Leandro Trosar and Moises Caicedo. Trosar is a very dynamic striker who can play both wide and central. He recovered his scoring ability, which was a disadvantage, and led the Brighton attack.

Caicedo was a player who would 먹튀검증add strength to the midfield. Caicedo, who completely filled the vacancy of Yves Bisuma, who went to Tottenham Hotspur, proved his skills at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. He was an all-round midfielder capable of both defensive cover and offensive support. It was a resource that Arsenal, who lacked options other than Granit Xaka and Thomas Party, could covet.

Caice also failed to sign, but he signed Trosar. Caice also brought in Jorginho from Chelsea instead. Britain’s ‘The Athletic’ talked about Arsenal’s winter transfer market on the 6th (Korean time) and mentioned, “It might have been better to recruit Mitoma than Trosar.” Mitoma is a Japanese winger currently classified as the best crack in the English Premier League (EPL).

Mitoma played as a joker at the beginning of the season. He took on the role of disrupting the tired opponent’s defense based on his tremendous speed and menacing dribble. Every time he came out, he showed his best performance, and when he proved his competitiveness against big clubs, he became a starting resource. Porter went to Chelsea and he remained in the position even after Roberto De Zerbi arrived. Director De Jerbi put more trust in Mitoma.

He has been scoring very well lately. Mitoma scored 4 goals in a league game played after a break following the aftermath of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. He continued to score offensive points in the English FA Cup, helping Brighton to advance to the next round. In addition to his scoring prowess, his attacking impact is great. He goes back and forth between wingback and winger, constantly shaking the opponent’s defense and even scoring goals, earning praise.

‘The Athletic’ said, “Mitoma is flying. Mitoma is scoring one goal per 164 minutes. It’s better than Trosar, which is one goal per 193 minutes. With Mitoma, Brighton sold Trosar to Arsenal without a second thought. Mitoma has more potential than Trosar. It’s higher and more impressive. It’s more threatening when you have the ball,” he said, listing Mitoma’s strengths. Trosar is adapting at Arsenal. Whether Arsenal’s choice was right will be evaluated after the season.

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