Mickelson passes the 100th major cut… Woods 77

53-year-old Phil Mickelson (USA) finished the tournament with a tie for 58th place (10 over par) by hitting even par at the 105th PGA Championship, a major US golf tournament. With this, Mickelson completed all four rounds and received the prize money for the 100th time in his major tournament history, which began in 1990.

Mickelson, who transferred to LIV Golf, sponsored by Saudi Arabia’s oil money last year, made a birdie and bogey 6 in the 4th round of the tournament held at Oak Hill Country Club East Course (par 70) in Rochester, New York, USA on the 22nd (Korean time). We exchanged shots and wrote down 70 strokes.

Mickelson has so far competed in 119 majors and won six. In the Masters, 3 wins in 27 cuts in 30 appearances, in the PGA Championship, 2 wins in 27 cuts in 30 appearances, in The Open, 1 win in 20 cuts in 28 appearances, but in the US Open, 31 Despite passing the cut 26 times in 2 appearances, there was only 2nd place 5 times and no championship.

Mickelson without the US Open trophy has not achieved a major grand slam. However, he set the record for the most major cut passes among active professional golfers. His 119 contest appearances are also rare, as he missed the cut only 19 times.

Even Tiger Woods, the “Emperor of Golf,” has 15 major wins, but only 91 appearances in the four majors. Woods only passed the cut 77 times, including 24 at the Masters Cut, 18 at the PGA Championship, 17 at the US Open, and 18 at the Open. However, as Woods had a high probability of winning in the majors he participated in, it is difficult to make a simple comparison.

How about Sam Snead, who has 82 PGA Tour wins with Woods? He competed in a total of 118 majors, winning 7, the same as Mickelson. However, if you look at the number of cuts, Masters 31 times, PGA Championship 34 times, US Open 27 times, Open 3 times, a total of 95 times, falling behind Mickelson.

Arnold Palmer, who was called the ‘King’ and created numerous fandoms, participated in the Masters alone 50 times. However, it passed the cut only 25 times. In the US Open, he participated 32 times, passed the cut 24 times, the PGA Championship 37 times, 24 times, and the Open 23 times. In the end, he passed only 90 major cuts in total.메이저놀이터

‘Golden Bear’ Jack Nicklaus, who achieved the career grand slam, was different. He made 131 cuts in a total of 164 appearances in the majors, and won 18 of them. In the case of Woods, due to a leg injury, he is cautious about the number of appearances in major tournaments in the future.

Also, Grand Slammer ‘Black Knight’ Gary Player participated in a total of 150 major tournaments, passed the cut 102 times, and won 9 victories. Ben Hogan, who had an indomitable will, is a grand slammer with 9 major wins, but surprisingly, the number of appearances was small. He appeared in a total of 58 majors and passed the cut 53 times. Jean Saracen, who lived earlier, made 81 cuts in 115 majors and won seven.

Among active players, Mickelson is the most ahead in the ‘major cut pass’ item, and if he passes two more times, he will be tied with the player. However, there are concerns that this record may not be sustained in the future. This is because the doors of opportunities to participate in major tournaments, such as the granting of World Golf Ranking (OWGR) points, are gradually closing for Liv Golf players.

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