‘Maximum 151km → 7 scoreless innings’ Jang Jae-young, revived in the 2nd group, the task of returning to the 1st team revealed by the command tower

 Kiwoom Heroes Jae-young Jang (21) showed hope in his first appearance in the Futures League.

Jang Jae-young started the match against SSG Landers in the Futures League held at Goyang Stadium in Gyeonggi-do on the 27th and recorded a no-run victory with 2 hits, 2 walks and 6 strikeouts in 7 innings. He threw 87 pitches and had a fastball, curveball, slider and changeup. His best fastball speed was 151 km/h, and his strike rate was 66.7% (58/87).

Jang Jae-young, who was nominated by Kiwoom for the first time in the 2021 rookie draft, joined Kiwoom with 900 million won, which is the second-largest rookie contract in the KBO League and a new record for the club’s rookie contract. In the first year of his debut, from his demonstration game, he threw a fastball that easily exceeded 150 km and immediately raised expectations with all his might, but the result was not good. In the two seasons after his debut, he only recorded 33 games (31⅔ innings) and 1 loss with an earned run average of 8.53. 

Jang Jae-young, who participated in Geelong Korea last winter and gained practical experience while playing in the Australian league, recorded 1 win and 1 loss with an ERA of 3.00 in 3 games (9 innings) in the demonstration game and received a passing grade in the 5 starting tests. Thanks to that, I started the season in the starting rotation.

However, Jang Jae-young failed to seize the opportunity this time as well. He collapsed with an average ERA of 12.79 with 2 losses in 2 games (6⅓ innings), and was eventually deleted from the first team entry on the 19th. 

Jang Jae-young, who started reorganization in the 2nd team, showed a powerful pitch in his first appearance in the Futures League. Director Hong Won-ki said, “Today’s record was very good. I think this is a good direction. You must also prove that you have reached a certain level in the technical field. If you show steady improvement in the 2nd group, I think another opportunity will come.” 

Coach Hong Won-ki, who said, “I can’t say that I’ve improved after one game now,” said, “It’s not an easy place to start for the first team. He is consistently active in the 2nd team and only when there is a judgment that he has risen to a certain level can he rise to the 1st team,” he emphasized. He continued, “If you come up to the first team, of course you will come up as a starting pitcher because you continued the starting pitching class. There are other 5 starting resources, but it is good for young players to come up.” 

In the end, the most important thing for Jang Jae-young is to catch the ball. Director Hong Won-ki said, “For him, speed is important, but you can’t judge that your pitch has improved just because you threw well once. The important thing is that the average (average) comes out steadily. I plan to focus on checking that part,” he explained.  ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Kiwoom tested Lee Seung-ho as the 5th starter after Jang Jae-young, but it did not meet expectations. In the match against Lotte on the 29th, Jung Chan-heon’s starting pitching is likely. 5 With the selection test continuing, will Jang Jae-young be able to find his place?

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