Martinez, Palazon Semifinals. Youngseop Kim wins Montes 3-2 – SK World Championship

In the 5th set of the ‘SK Rent-a-Car PBA World Championship’ held on the 9th (JTBC Studio Ilsan) in the 5th set, Martinez succeeded in attacking with a long hit in 3 consecutive innings, defeating Kim Yeong-seop, who pursued tenaciously, 3-2.

Kim Young-seop tried to pay off the debt of a 3-4 reverse defeat after winning 3-1 in the Huons final in January, but he knelt again at the last minute to Martinez.

Martinez had sets 1 and 3 (15: 5, 10), and Yeong-seop Kim had sets 3 and 4 (15: 6, 5). Martinez was one step ahead, but the 5th set win or loss was unknown.

It was because Kim Young-seop’s shot was formidable. However, at an important moment, the continuous hit did not explode, and he suffered defeat. 바카라사이트

After hitting 2 consecutive hits in the 1st inning, Martinez hit 5 consecutive hits including a bank shot in the 3rd inning. And after hitting 5 consecutive hits including a bank shot in the 4th inning, he finished the game by shooting 3 consecutive hits in the 5th inning.

Kim Yeong-seop only scored one run each in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th innings and lost 3:15.

Palazon continued to be dragged by his Spanish colleague Montes. Even the 4th set and 4 innings, which were losing 1-2, were losing 4:7.

However, after overtaking by hitting 5 consecutive hits in 5 innings, he drove 2 consecutive hits and 4 consecutive hits in 6 and 7 innings to win 15:7 and tie the score 2-2.

Palazon, who gained momentum, caught up with Montes, who hit 8 consecutive hits in 1 inning, with 5 consecutive hits at the end of the 1 inning, and continued to score 2, 3, and 4 points, winning 15:10 with 5 consecutive innings of attack, winning the semifinals. rose to

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