‘Long ball master’ Big Sam returns to the EPL? Liz is considering hiring

Will manager Sam Allardyce (68) of ‘Big Sam’ return to the English Premier League (EPL) stage? 

British media The Athletic UK said on the 2nd, “EPL Leeds United are strongly considering appointing Allardyce as manager. Leeds are at greater risk of relegation after losing 1-4 to AFC Bournemouth on Sunday. As it became unclear, manager Allardyce emerged as a potential replacement.”  크크크벳

Liz is in an urgent situation. Remaining in jeopardy as they sit in 17th place, just above the relegation zone, after picking up just one point from their last five games. Gracia signed a contract until the end of the season as the successor to manager Jesse Marsh in February. But a crushing defeat against Bournemouth and a serious rundown of recent days will likely put an end to his time at Leeds.

Allardyce is called the ‘Residual Evangelist’, with the exception of the most recent West Bromwich Albion, which he has been in charge of. Nicknamed Big Sam for his huge physique, Allardyce mainly plays long-ball soccer that is as tall as his size and is an expert in that field. 

Current Leeds CEO Angus Kinnear is more likely than ever to be appointed as he has worked with Allardyce at West Ham United. 

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