Li Xuanhao chases Ke Jie by 6 points

January ranking in China… Ke Jie, No. 1 for 50 consecutive months Li Xuan Hao
rose 14 places compared to a year ago

(Hangame Baduk = Reporter Han Chang-gyu) The Chinese rankings for January were announced. This is the latest ranking calculated based on major country data until the end of December 2022. Recently, there are few official powerhouses in China’s rankings, and ranking announcements are inconsistent.

In December of last year, only 6 knights in 4 days had a match that was reflected in the rankings. Therefore, there was little change in ranking compared to the previous month. The <Ranking Table> below shows a comparison of the ranking with the ranking from a year ago.

Ke Jie, who occupied the undisputed top ranker, extended the number one period for 50 consecutive months. However, the ranking score dropped by 49 points from a year ago. As a result, the No. 1 Mercury also faced a precarious situation. 메이저놀이터

Li Xuanhao, 9th dan, who took second place in the rankings last September, is closely chasing Ke Jie, 9th dan. Compared to a year ago, Li Xuanhao, 9th dan, improved his ranking by 14 places and his score by 101 points. At the end of last year, Li Xuan Hao, who was strongly suspected of cheating by a fellow driver, had the largest score increase over the past year.

The score difference between Ke Jie and Li Xuan Hao is only 6.6 points. It is a minute gap that can change as a result of one game. A year ago, Ke Jie’s 9th Dan was 36 points ahead of second place Gu Zhihao, 9th Dan.

19-year-old Wang Xing-hao, 7th Dan, who is attracting attention as the next-generation twin, is 28th, up 9 places and 64 points from a year ago.

The first female knight is Yu Zhiying, 7th Dan, and the second place is Zhou Hongyu, 7th Dan. The score gap narrowed to 10 points from 16 points a year ago. In the overall ranking, Yu Zhiying is ranked 60th, down 7 places, and Hongyu Zhou is 72nd, down 11 places.

Wizying 7-dan failed to win last year due to four rounds of the ranked superpowers that are reflected in the ranking score. 17-year-old Wu Yi-ming, 4th Dan, climbed to 20th in the women’s rankings by earning 146 steps in the combined rankings and 40 points in the rankings for one year.

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