LG’s Yoon Kyung-yup, who overcame crisis, says “I have the strength to overcome”… Beanball controversy “ended well

The midweek series between KT and LG in Suwon, which was billed as a pivotal matchup between the No. 1 and No. 2 teams in the regular season, ended with a 2-1 win for the league leader. It was a setback for KT, which had been chasing LG for the top spot. LG, on the other hand, gained one more game on KT to take the lead. The two teams are now separated by 6.5 games.스포츠토토

For LG, it was a breath of fresh air, especially with their 11-4 victory in game 7. Following their victory on Game 5, LG took a 3-0 lead on Game 6 and were close to clinching the best-of-seven series. However, in the bottom of the ninth inning, Ko Woo-seok gave up four runs and lost the game. It wasn’t just a one-run loss, however, as the team avenged the previous day’s defeat with a vigorous batting performance on the seventh and a strong pitching performance by Lee Jung-yong, who shut down opposing ace Ko Young-pyo.

“I think we have the strength to overcome little by little, and it’s very good to see that the boys are united around (Kim) Hyun-soo and (Oh) Ji-hwan,” Yeom said ahead of the Gwangju KIA game on the 8th, pointing out that the team’s atmosphere centered around the veterans is the reason for the team to overcome the hump.

He’s also happy with the team culture that’s taking hold. “No matter how much I want to do something, the most important thing is whether the players have that mindset or not. It seems to be well developed over the course of a year. They do their best even if they are losing, and that atmosphere seems to have been completely formed.” He was satisfied that the basic professionalism of doing one’s best for the fans had been created.

He also praised Oh Seok-ju for saving the game in the final seconds. “He doesn’t have a lot of velocity, but that’s why his curveballs, sliders, and forkballs are so effective. I have command. He has the ability to throw a changeup.” “He’s one of those guys you find in the major leagues. If you don’t see it, you can’t use it. You have to see it to use it.”

In the ninth inning, there was a controversial call. The final score was 7-3 going into the ninth inning. LG had a four-run lead. They only needed to save one inning, but LG may not have been able to afford to do so, as they were still reeling from a close loss the day before.

After Hong Chang-ki singled, LG laid down a sacrifice bunt for Shin Min-jae and brought in pinch-hitter Choi Seung-min, who stole second base after Kim Hyun-soo singled. KT’s first baseman Oh Yoon-seok was already in front of the plate. There was no intention to stop him. There was an uproar about whether stealing in this situation was against the rules.

Coincidentally, the LG dugout was also up in arms as opposing left-hander Ha Jun-ho’s pitches were shaky and he was hit by a pitch three times in the ninth inning alone. Eventually, there was a small bench clearing after Park’s hit. It was not confirmed, but it was enough to create controversy.

Coach Yeom responded by saying, “It ended well,” implying that there was no reason to fight over it. As for his aggressive steal attempts, he said, “I tried to play as much as possible within the analysis,” explaining that it was his original plan.

Closer Ko Woo-seok, who had a heartbreaking blown save on the sixth, will be on standby for the ninth inning. Yoo Young-chan will take the day off due to gallbladder symptoms. Meanwhile, foreign pitcher Adam Plutko, who has been sidelined with an injury, said, “I think I can come back a little sooner (than originally expected),” but added, “I’m thinking about the end of September.”

LG and KIA will play a doubleheader on the 9th. Both KIA manager Kim Jong-kook and LG manager Yeom Kyung-yup revealed their doubleheader lineups early. Game 1 will be between Hwang Dong-ha (KIA) and Lim Chan-kyu (LG). Game 2 will be between Lee Yi-ri (KIA) and Son Ju-young (LG).

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