“Let’s stick together, I’ve been waiting for this day” Doosan won 8 consecutive wins, “Never gave up” Coach Lee Seung-yeop

 “I’ve been waiting for a day like this.”

Coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “I have never given up,” ahead 온라인바카라 of the 8th game of the season against SSG Landers in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 12th.

Doosan is on an eight-game winning streak. While winning and winning, the rankings rose from 6th to 3rd. Director Lee said, “I wouldn’t have waited for a day like this. I played more than 60 frustrating games,” he said. “I was always thinking positively that such a good day would come. He never gave up. He silently waited for this day.”

In 78 matches, he recorded 41 wins, 1 draw and 36 losses with a win rate of .532. Director Lee said, “It’s not perfect, but I’m working hard to get closer to perfection. And he thinks it’s fortunate that the results of his efforts came out. I think he has been doing well,” he said with satisfaction.

With their recent winning streak, Doosan has found the strength to compete in the top ranks even entering the second half. Coach Lee said, “The players prepared well,” and “during the first half, we had to narrow the game gap with the top teams. I thought that that way I could continue the atmosphere in the second half.”

Director Lee said, “I told the coaches, ‘Let’s stick together. Let’s stick together whether it works or not. And he thanked the players for doing well.”

On the other hand, on this day, Doosan’s batting order was in the following order: Soo-bin Jeong (center fielder) Jae-ho Kim (shortstop) Lohas (right fielder) Eui-ji Yang (designated hitter) Seok-hwan Yang (1st baseman) Jae-hwan Kim (left fielder) Seung-ho Kang (2nd baseman) Seung-hyeon Jang (catcher) Joon-yeong Park (3rd baseman) .

The starting pitcher is Brandon Waddell, a foreign pitcher who was re-recruited on the 13th of last month. Brandon is recording 1 win and 1 loss and an average ERA of 0.90 in 3 games. On the 6th, against the Samsung Lions, he became the winning pitcher with 4 hits, 11 strikeouts, 2 walks and 1 run in 7 innings.

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