Lee Sang-soo, who landed in the WTT round of 16, notices a clash with world number 1 Pan Zhen-dong

Shall we keep our pride?

On the 11th, the Korea Table Tennis Association said, “In the individual singles round of 32 at the WTT Champions Table Tennis Tournament held in Xinxiang, China on the 9th and 10th, Lim Jong-hoon (Korea Exchange), Lee Sang-su (Samsung Life Insurance), and Shin Yu-bin (Korean Air) won and advanced to the round of 16. “he said.

The Champions Tournament is the highest level of the WTT Contender Series. The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), which completely overhauled the system with the establishment of the WTT, an organization dedicated to international competitions in 2020, adjusted the existing world tour series into three stages: Contender, Star Contender, and Champions. Currently, WTT’s international tour, including the feeder series added as the lowest level, is held in four stages. 

Lim Jong-hoon and Lee Sang-soo, who played together on the 10th, won against Hiroto Shizunoka (Japan, world No. 27) and Omar Assar (Egypt, world No. 32), respectively.

Lim Jong-hun defeated Hiroto Shizunoka with a set score of 3-0, but Lee Sang-soo dramatically advanced to the round of 16 with a come-from-behind victory 3-2 after a full set match. Im Jong-hun’s next opponent will be strongman Harimoto Tomokazu (Japan, world ranking 3), and Lee Sang-soo will face the world’s strongest Pan Zhendong (China, world ranking 1st). Pan Zhendong, born in 1997, is a silver medalist at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and is an offensive player with particular strength in backhand skills. 

On the other hand, Jang Woo-jin (Korea Army Sports Corps), who played the match on the same day, was defeated by Liang Jingkun of China with a set score of 1-3 and could not advance further.

In the women’s match held earlier on the 9th, Yubin Shin defeated Hana Mittelova (Czech Republic, world ranking 54th) with a set score of 3-0 to advance to the round of 16 first. )am.  안전놀이터

Jeon Ji-hee (Mirae Asset Securities), who participated in the match, met Chen Meng (China), who is the world’s No. 

The total prize money for this tournament is about 7 million dollars (approximately 9 billion Korean won), and male and female winners will receive 35,000 dollars (about 46 million won) in prize money and 1,000 ranking points. She could win $8,500 in prize money just for appearing. 

As for the entry criteria, 28 top world ranking players from each gender are invited, and only individual singles matches will be held in the round of 32, up to 2 each from the host country and 2 each from the ITTF-recommended wild card.

In this tournament, Korea invited Lim Jong-hun, Jang Woo-jin, and Lee Sang-soo for the men’s division, and Jeon Ji-hee and Shin Yu-bin for the women’s division.

Meanwhile, the Korean team will participate in the Macau Champions Tournament to be held from the 17th to the 23rd as soon as this tournament is over. 

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